What Is 'Sex, Love & Goop'? Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Streaming Details

Sex, Love & Goop will be coming to Netflix, showing couples who are trying to find the spark in their relationships once again. Gwyneth Paltrow will lead the team of sex experts to offer help to those in need of some romance.

The trailer shows how workshops are at the center of the methodology, including ones discussing different types of touch or emotional intimacy.

Some scenes look like they may turn quite sexy, as everything from feather boas to whips and blindfolds become part of the picture.

Newsweek breaks down what fans can expect from the new show, powered by Paltrow's iconic wellness brand, Goop.

When is Sex, Love & Goop Out on Netflix?

Sex, Love & Goop comes out on October 21 on Netflix.

It will be part of the streaming subscription so fans will be able to tune in from its release time, which is usually midnight PT or 3 a.m. ET.

The unscripted series will be released in one shot on this day, with six 30-minute episodes to binge.

Who Is In the Cast of Sex, Love & Goop?

There are five sexperts joining Paltrow on the show, each of whom has their own focus in the group.

Sex Love & Goop
A couple participating in "Sex Love & Goop." Netflix

The first is Michaela Boehm, who is a regular Goop contributor and has worked with huge stars on their relationships, such as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Her expertise focus on intimacy, relationships and sexuality, having created The Non-Linear Movement Method which uses the principles of trauma therapy.

Jaiya, the second member of the team is a sexological bodyworker, and founded The Erotic Blueprint Types.

She focuses on five types of sexual blueprint: energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky and shapeshifter, which each have their own types of touch.

The third option is Amina Peterson, whose focus is tantra and sacred intimacy through the use of hands-on workshops and treatments.

Peterson's focus is on living authentically and being rooted in sexual empowerment.

Darshana Avila is an erotic wholeness coach who also focuses on trauma and justice to help people to be more present in their lives.

The final coach is Kato Wittich, who is a facilitator of what is known as Family Constellations.

Constellations focus on the idea of families inheriting patterns that, in the future, block us as individuals from being as full in their lives as possible.

Of course, Paltrow will also be involved in the series, but not facilitating the classes so much as being a part of conversations.

Sex, Love & Goop will arrive on Netflix to stream on October 21.

Gwyneth Paltrow in "Sex Love & Goop."
Gwyneth Paltrow in "Sex Love & Goop." Netflix