Following Roseanne's success, NBC Exec Foresees New Episodes of 'The West Wing', 'The Office'

With old broadcast staples such as Roseanne and Will and Grace getting contemporary updates, audiences of fan favorites The West Wing and The Office have been clamoring for a return of their much-beloved series. And, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt may have just given them a reason to hope.

During the magazine's "Power Lawyers" breakfast on Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter's Matt Belloni asked Greenblatt what shows could potentially fare well with audiences today. The longtime TV executive said Friends and Seinfeld will never happen, despite audience appeal. Aside from the cost involved, the stars of both series have moved on and have never been reluctant about striking down any reboot rumors.

"We can't just reboot everything," Greenblatt said.

Yet a sliver of hope remains for The Office and the Aaron Sorkin drama The West Wing, he said. Belloni reported that if the conditions are right, the two shows have "favorable odds of returning," compared with other iconic NBC programs.

Greenblatt even said Sorkin may be willing to bat for a reboot "if he weren't busy doing 10 other extraordinary things." The Office could also return if a new cast is involved, he said.

Richard Schiff, who played The West Wing's inscrutable yet lovable Toby Ziegler, sounded off on Twitter. The actor has previously discussed the possibility of a return, telling the Television Critics Association press corps he had a few ideas that he's discussed with Sorkin.

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'The Office' and 'West Wing' Reboots Could Happen, NBC's Bob Greenblatt Says via @thr

— Richard Schiff (@Richard_Schiff) April 5, 2018

Sorkin has previously spoken about a possible reboot of The West Wing. Acknowledging its remote possibility, he said a potential show would be free of President Donald Trump but full of the same palace intrigue viewers loved during the late '90s and early 2000s. But instead of Jed Bartlet or Matt Santos, Sterling K. Brown, who currently stars in NBC's This Is Us, would occupy the Oval Office.

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