What is Simptember and Should You Block That Girl's Number Until October 1?

September ushers in spooky season, pumpkin spice season, and Simptember (or No Simp Simptember, depending on where your allegiance falls).

As per Urban Dictionary, Simptember is "is an annual month-long observance month in September designed to appreciate simps [guys who are overly attentive and submissive to women] for protecting women and [to] honor them for continuing their hard work despite all the bullying."

Some examples provided of men who are considered simps from popular culture are Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother and Tom from (500) Days of Summer.

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Conversely, No Simp Simptember encourages men to refrain from interacting with women online.

The hashtags Simptember and No Simp Simptember have taken over TikTok, as folks are debating whether or not simps should be celebrated this year. As of Friday morning, there were one million TikToks with the Simptember tag. However, there was overwhelming opposition from the No Simp Simptember camp, clocking in with over 60 million tags."

So, how exactly does one follow the month's protocol?

One Redditor listed six "official rules" of No Simp Simptember. "You must follow these rules, if you break one of these rules even once, you are out, so best stay in as long as possible, to get the most out of this month," the post begins.

The first rule encourages men to be honest about simping. "If you break down during the month and simp, you should come forth and confess, the only thing worse than a true simp, is an underhanded one, who takes the reward, yet still simps."

Second, don't donate any money to TikTok Dancers, E-girls, etc. online. "This is one of the purest forms of simping, you are submitting and surrendering your financial power for a fleeting moment of lust, you could use this money that you spent precious time for, on something that will prove to be wholesome, and last long."

Non-simps are discouraged from upvoting, liking, or commenting on a post just because there is a girl in the photo. "Stop, analyze the media, ask yourself 'would I really Upvote this if there wasn't a girl in the picture?'" the Redditor wrote. "This rule also applies to 4chan, don't click on bait threads just because there is a girl/ anime character in the thumbnail, were tired of seeing /bant/ riddled with these posts, contain that s*** to /a/."

Additionally, willingly viewing pornography is prohibited during No Simp Simptember. "Pornography addiction can be just as much of a destructive behavior as simping."

So how are these No-Simps accounted for? By simply commenting on daily check-ins. "All you have to do is literally just say, 'Still In' and you will be credited for that day," Reddit noted.

Basically, No Simp Simptember seems to be a way to challenge themselves from not engaging with women online...until October 1.