What Is Trump Derangement Syndrome? President Says His Critics Are Gripped by Mysterious Condition

President Donald Trump has tweeted that people who dislike his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin are suffering from "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

Responding to his critics, following the backlash over his comments on Russian election meddling, the president sent out a series of tweets on Wednesday morning about his meeting with Putin—notably using a phrase that has been bandied about by some of his supporters.

"Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia. They would rather go to war than see this. It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome!" he wrote.

Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia. They would rather go to war than see this. It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 18, 2018

Trump's comments came shortly after the same phrase was used by Senator Rand Paul to describe the negative reaction to Trump's meeting with Putin.

Asked in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer whether he believed Trump's meeting with Putin was making America safer, Paul responded: "I think that it is a good idea to have engagement. And I think that what is lost in this is that I think there's a bit of Trump derangement syndrome."

"I think there are people who hate the president so much that this could have easily been President Obama early in his first administration setting the reset button and trying to have better relations with Russia, and I think it's lost on people that they're a nuclear power."

But what is this strange affliction Trump believes his detractors suffer from?

One explanation proffered by what appears to be a Trump fan on the crowd-sourced slang site Urban Dictionary, suggests the term refers to: "A mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason."

Unsurprisingly, this is not an official medical condition, nor explanation. However, its use appears to be traceable back to a term used to describe people who disliked former President George W. Bush to such a degree that they distrusted his decisions and able to do no right.

Bush derangement syndrome was described by Charles Krauthammer as "the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency—nay—the very existence of George W. Bush," The New York Post reported.

And it seems the term is now being thrown around—most recently by the president himself—to describe some liberals' response to Trump, with more than 55,000 people liking the president's tweet on the topic and more than 24,000 people commenting on it.