What Was the UNC-Charlotte Shooter's Motive?

The campus police at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte gathered Tuesday afternoon to get ready to provide security for an end-of-semester concert at the football stadium. While doing roll call, they were alerted of an active shooter.

Officers quickly dispersed and arrived at the scene. A handful of officers entered the building, and one officer approached the gunman, disarmed him and took him into custody.

The UNC Charlotte Police Department won't release the suspect's name until later, but media outlets have learned the suspect is Trystan Terrell, a former history major at the university.

"He never had time to get out of the room," UNC Charlotte Police Chief Jeff Baker said Tuesday at a news conference.

As homicide investigators begin their work, searching for a motive will be a key part. As of Tuesday evening, that search continues. "He [was] not somebody on our radar," Baker said.

Once police were alerted and the pursuit began, a button was pressed that activated a campuswide alert system to let students and faculty know to take cover because of an active shooter. And this wasn't a drill. "Run, Hide, Fight," it read.

Baker said Tuesday that two people were dead and three more in critical condition following the shooting. A sixth victim was being treated with non-life-threatening injuries, he said.

The suspect was seen getting out of a car, handcuffed behind his back, and then walking into the booking station. Before he entered, with police escorts around him, he cocked his head backward and to the left and looked toward a TV news crew, appearing to say something.

During the chaos on campus, students and families were advised to meet at the Harris Teeter supermarket at 8600 University City Boulevard.

This isn't the first time this year shots have been fired at, or near, the campus. On January 31, someone fired shots near the city center, which is close to campus.

"Students were running down the hall right behind my office," UNC Charlotte librarian Laura McShane told The Charlotte Observer. "I was about to go out and shoosh them [to be quiet]. I had no idea something like that was happening. Almost immediately, a student said there was a shooter on campus."