'What We Do in the Shadows' TV Series Moves Vampire Roomies to Staten Island

2014 horror comedy What We Do in the Shadows will soon form the basis of a sprawling fictional world, like what Universal Studios' Dark Universe had aspired to be, before The Mummy happened. Not only does Shadows have an upcoming New Zealand spinoff series, Wellington Paranormal, but also a new FX series titled, aptly, What We Do in the Shadows (still no word on the movie sequel, currently titled We're Wolves).

The What We Do in the Shadows TV show, ordered to pilot in January, will screen for the first time at this year's New York Comic Con in October.

The new Shadows TV series transplants the vampire comedy from Wellington to Staten Island, following three vampires who have been roommates for "hundreds, and hundreds, of years," a Comic Con description reads. Together, they deal with the minor indignities of modern life and living amongst mortals who also double as food.

The pilot stars Kayvan Novak (Four Lions), Matt Berry (Snuff Box), Harvey Guillen ( The Magicians) and stand-up comedian Natasia Demetriou. Novak plays the household's head vampire Nandor, with Berry and Demetriou as his roommates Lazslo and Nadja. Guillen will play a thrall/familiar, similar to Renfield in Dracula or Jackie in What We Do in the Shadows, who runs errands and mows lawns for the vampires in exchange for the promise of immortality.

The Comic Con screening will be followed by a Q&A with executive producers Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi (who together wrote and directed the movie) and Paul Simms.

What We Do in the Shadows will premiere on FX in spring 2019, with a 10-episode first season.