What's West of Westeros? Arya Sets Out in 'Game of Thrones' Episode 6 Finale

Game of Thrones came to an end Sunday night, with a series finale that answered many of our most burning questions about the saga. But while some characters had neat conclusions, like Sansa Stark, the new Queen in the North, and King Bran the Broken, other characters were sent off on new adventures. Grey Worm and the Unsullied have set sail for Naath, presumably to protect the peaceful people of Missandei's homeland from slavers. Jon Snow and the wildlings are voyaging north of the Wall, perhaps to explore the Land of Always Winter and learn more about the Night King. But it's Arya who is most throwing herself into the unknown, sailing out from Westeros to explore the uncharted territory to the west.

But what is west of Westeros? George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and compendiums like The World of Ice and Fire offer a few hints.

What is West of Westeros?

Arya is heading west, into the Sunset Sea. HBO

Arya has once before voiced her desire to explore the west. In Season 6, she asks, rhetorically, "What's west of Westeros?" acknowledging a massive gap in knowledge, throughout the lands of Game of Thrones. "Nobody does," Arya says, "that's where all the maps stop."

Martin has previously stated that the world where the continent of Westeros is located is similar to Earth, but likely a little larger, which means there's nothing to the rumors about the world being flat. So while the most detailed maps of the world don't show any landmasses to the west of Westeros, we could instead look as far as possible to the east for answers.

In addition to the continent of Westeros, the world of Game of Thrones also includes the continents of Essos and Sothoryos, with other unmapped lands like Ulthos hinting at the possibility of far more left to discover. Directly to the west of Westeros is the Sunset Sea, which includes the Iron Islands. The Sunset Sea is stocked with seals and swordfish, but also might contain more fantastical creatures, like kraken, and even sea dragons.

It is widely theorized by maesters that the Ironborn descend from people who came across the Sunset Sea from the west, so Arya's journey isn't completely without precedent. Other explorers, including a former King in the North, Brandon "the Shipwright" Stark, have set out across the Sunset Sea, but none have returned. Only one expedition, made by Elissa of House Farman 56 years after Aegon's Conquest, ever discovered new territory in the Sunset Sea: three uninhabited islands, which she named Aegon, Rhaenys and Visenya, after the Conqueror and his sister-wives. While some of the expedition's ships turned back for Westeros, Elissa went on. Her ship was reportedly spotted in Asshai, Martin wrote in his Targaryen history, Fire & Blood, suggesting Elissa Farman may have succeeded in crossing the Sunset Sea and finding herself on the eastern frontier of the map.

If Arya heads south upon running into Essos, she could find her way through the Saffron Straits to the Shadow Lands and Asshai, a port city known for its dark magic and faithfulness to the Lord of Light. This would eventually return Arya to Slaver's Bay and regions conquered by Daenerys' army.

If Arya instead explored the northern coast of Essos, she'd find even more mysterious locations, like the Thousand Islands. This island chain, which may be the remnants of a sunken, Atlantis-like kingdom, are populated by Lovecraftian, green-skinned fish people (who hate the water). If she keeps journeying west along the coast, Arya would find herself in Ibben, an island, known to Westerosi traders, in the Shivering Sea.

In either scenario, Arya would eventually find herself back on the map. But even if Arya manages to circumnavigate the globe, traveling from Westeros to the far eastern shores of Essos, there's still a lot of unexplored territories. The north of Westeros, where Jon Snow is heading, is also unmapped. Also mysterious are the lands to the far south. Is Ulthos a continent of its own, or merely a large island? After the Game of Thrones finale, it will be up to the various prequel series to decide how much more to reveal.