What You Don't Know About Paris Hilton

In case you hadn't noticed, Paris Hilton has had a very busy year. She went to jail for violating her probation on a DUI charge, was released from jail by a sympathetic sheriff, was sent back to jail by a not-so-sympathetic judge, launched her own line of designer jeans (which she wore the second time she left jail), and was roasted by David Letterman about jail in one of the most viewed YouTube clips ever. But then Paris really surprised us. She announced she was going to Rwanda with a children's charity in an attempt to turn her life around. So maybe we don't know Paris as well as we thought we did. Here are 15 surprising things about her life that she shared with us.

1. Her role model is another famous charity globetrotter with a rebellious past. "I really look up to Angelina Jolie," Paris says. "I think that she's not only one of the most beautiful women in the world but she has an amazing heart."

2. Paris is on the fence about whether she'd adopt. "Maybe. I'm not counting it out. But I want to have my own children. I'm scared about the whole process. Having a baby, it looks really painful. But everyone says once you see the baby, you don't remember the pain."

3. Africa is only the beginning for Paris Hilton, charity worker. "I would love to go down to Mexico and help them put together an orphanage."

4. The Paris you saw on "The Simple Life" was all an act. "It was a character. But then people think that's how you are in real life, which is kind of annoying. They told Nicole to be as crazy as possible and swear a lot and for me to act like a blond bombshell who doesn't know what Wal-Mart is. I would never act like that in public, breaking people's things and getting fired."

5. Sometimes she does wear a disguise in public. "I wear a wig and sunglasses. Always different ones. I just bought a new one that's like Uma Thurman."

6. She knows if her would-be boyfriends like her for her--or the attention. "I can tell right away. I watch how they react when the paparazzi is around. If they're doing interviews, that weirds me out."

7. There's a reason she wears her trademark glasses all the time. "Sometimes if people are looking at me, if I make eye contact they come up to me and talk to me for an hour."

8. She's an avid reader of some fiction. "I like Jackie Collins. She's so good! I've read every single book."

9. She's a workaholic. "It's fun. I'm making my grandpa and my dad proud of me. It's great to be a woman and do that. I'll never have to marry anyone for any reason other than love. A lot of girls today, they're, like, married for the wrong reason. I don't need to be that way."

10. Paris has many hobbies. "I love going to the movies. I like to paint things. I like to go to pet stores, go horseback riding, ice hockey, basketball, ice skating. I work out a lot."

11. Before she was a singer/actor/reality TV star, she had other aspirations. "I wanted to be a veterinarian."

12. She used to like the paparazzi. "When you're, like, a young girl, it's exciting. 'They want to take my picture.' I thought it was cool."

13. She doesn't like the paparazzi anymore. "It gets scary at night. You can't see. They're flashing light bulbs at you. They're running you off the road almost. I feel like if something bad happened to someone, they wouldn't even help. They would just take pictures."

14. Why Ms. Hilton had to check out of her home--and move to a gated community. "They filmed my address outside my house. I had people all over the world say, 'I saw your address on TMZ.' People were watching me type in my code to my house. I had to change it."

15. The real Paris is nothing like the tabloid Paris. "I hear what people say about me, and it's completely different from who I am. I'm a shy person. I get insecure. They make me out to be a spoiled brat. That's not what I'm like at all."