'Wheel of Time' Amazon Series Cast Reads First Episode Lines From After Trolloc Attack

The cast of The Wheel of Time—an adaptation of Robert Jordan's 14-volume fantasy series of the same name—assembled for a table read of the first episode and shared some of the first lines in the series coming to Amazon Prime Video.

The Wheel of Time accounts on Instagram and Twitter released the sneak peek into the premiere episode table read, which was held in early September.

Tthe series' first novel, The Eye of the World, opens on the last day of Winter, when the village of Emond's Field is attacked by half-human, half-animal Trollocs—shock troops in the Dark One's Army. Luckily, a powerful member of the magic-wielding Aes Sedai order, Moiraine Damodred, is in town. She helps villagers Rand, Mat, Perrin and Egwene escape. But the Trollocs are still after them, because one of them is secretly the Dragon Reborn: a reincarnated hero destined to oppose the Dark One.

The cover to "The Eye of the World." Tor Books

While little context is offered for The Wheel of Time table read, the lines suggest the first episode scene takes place shortly after the attack on the town, as Rand, played by Josha Stradowski, contemplates turning back.

"You go back, you'll give them a way to follow us. I won't allow that," Rosamund Pike, who plays Moiraine, says in-character at the table read. "Crossing that river would be foolish and you're not a fool."

The other lines highlight a debate between Rand and other villagers: should they trust Moiraine?

"Come on, do you really think she's any better than what's chasing us," Rand says.

"Of course I do," Madeleine Madden as Egwene says.

"Dilemma. The lady does shoot fireballs, so let's try and stay on her good side, eh?" Barney Harris as Mat says.

It appears the table read video captures the moment when the four main characters make the fateful decision to set out for Shadar Logoth and points beyond, with Moiraine as their guide and mentor. A pivotal early moment for the series, the table read video is our first glimpse at how The Wheel of Time series plans to tackle the immense adaptation ahead.

The Wheel of Time series began shooting several days after the premiere episode table read. Showrunner Rafe Judkins marked the occasion on September 16 with a commemoration of Jordan.

"For all of us it's a little bit emotional, because it's—quite coincidentally—the twelfth anniversary of the author Robert Jordan's passing. So as much as I'm excited about this new endeavor we are all embarking on, I am also quite honored and humbled to remember than man who began all of this," Judkins said, ending his message with a salute in the Old Tongue language of the series. "Tai'shar Rigney." (Robert Jordan was the pen name of James Oliver Rigney Jr.)

Robert Jordan's never-before-published first novel, Warriors of Altaii, will be released October 8. The Wheel of Time TV series has yet to set a premiere date.