When Does 'Love Island' End? A Lot Can Happen in Two Weeks

Each day in the villa is a day closer to the end of Love Island. For the Islanders, summer is wrapping up rather quickly, but that doesn't mean the drama is over. A lot can happen in two weeks, as viewers have seen on Season 5 of Love Island, where relationships and friendships can form just as quickly as they can break.

Love Island will continue airing on ITV2 until July 29. Then it's up to the Islanders to decide whether they want to continue their newfound relationships outside of the show or give them up entirely.

As the end of the season nears, it's apparent most couples on the island are new couples. There are few who have lasted since early days.

Love Island
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Molly-Mae and Tommy seem to be the strongest, and longest-standing couple. They were one of the few who did not shake after Casa Amor. Though their relationship started a bit rocky, with Tommy going on a date with Maura, they've been the most-serious and vocally interested out of the show's remaining couples.

Amy and Curtis were on the same page until their relationship fell and ultimately, Amy decided to leave. Curtis found his head turned while Amy was away at Casa Amor. At the time, he told Joanna he'd couple with her immediately if he needed to. Joanna turned down Curtis for Michael, and Curtis decided to make his relationship with Amy work.

Naturally, Amy wasn't thrilled with the news that Curtis had "cheated" on her with a meaningful kiss and a promise to recouple. She confronted him about his encounters with Joanna a small handful of times before Curtis pulled the plug on the entire relationship. Though Amy tried to stay and find love for herself, she found it difficult to watch Curtis cozy up to Maura, and decided to leave for her own sanity, plus to give him space to fall in love.

The next weeks will likely show a variety of new faces entering the house, a move that could shake things up late in the game, or could primarily appeal to the remaining singles.

At the end of the series, one couple will be crowned as the winner, though it is possible for two couples to split the grand prize, if the ending falls like prior seasons.

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