'Too Hot To Handle': When Does Season 2 Start and How to Watch

Too Hot To Handle sees 10 contestants try not to date their fellow stars, as denying themselves kissing and heavy petting could see them win a huge cash prize. The second season is coming to Netflix very soon, but will be released slightly differently than the first.

Here's our breakdown of how to watch the reality series and when it finally comes to our screens.

How to Watch "Too Hot To Handle" Season 2

Too Hot To Handle has been produced for Netflix by Thames and Talkback, meaning it is streamed on Netflix. The episodes will be released in bulk groups rather than all the episodes coming out at the same time.

This year, the first four episodes will be released together, followed by the remaining six episodes a week later.

June 23 is the date of release for the first four episodes, meaning the rest will come to Netflix on June 30.

To watch Too Hot To Handle, fans will need a Netflix subscription in order to enjoy the series.

Netflix subscriptions are available for $8.99 for the basic package, $13.99 for the standard package and $17.99 for premium access, which includes Ultra HD viewing and being able to watch on four screens simultaneously.

The Cast of Too Hot To Handle Season 2

This year there are 10 contestants on the show to start with, who come from the U.S. and other parts of the world.

All the cast members are under 30, and many have modelling careers outside of the TV show.

The five men in the group are: Cam, 24; Chase, 24; Marvin, 26; Nathan, 27; and Peter, 21.

The five women in the group are Carly, 24; Emily, 27; Kayla, 26; Larissa, 28; and Melinda, 28.

Three of the contestants for Too Hot To Handle were each fined nearly £3,000 for being abusive to cabin crew as they flew back to the U.K. from filming in Turks and Caicos.

According to the BBC, the trio of Matthew Mawhinney, 29, Harry Johnson, 28, and Beaux Greenslade, 23, were arrested after landing at Heathrow in February, and each admitted two offences at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on May 1.

They have not been announced as part of the line-up for this year's competition yet. As well as this, Netflix commissioned two new seasons of the show, both of which were reported to have been filmed at Turks and Caicos at the same time, according to Deadline.

It may be, therefore, that these three will not appear in the upcoming season, but in the third season.

Newsweek has contacted Netflix for comment.

Too Hot To Handle on Netflix
Too Hot To Handle contestants for Season 2. The new series arrives on Netflix on June 23. Netflix