When Is Michael Strahan Going to Space? 'GMA' Host Tweets After Blue Origin Flight Delayed

Good Morning America presenter Michael Strahan will have to wait until the weekend to head to space after the Blue Origin launch, which he was due to fly on, was postponed because of poor weather conditions.

Strahan and five other crew members were due to lift off on Thursday from Van Horn, Texas, in Blue Origin's third crewed flight. But Jeff Bezos' aerospace company said in a statement on Wednesday that the launch was delayed until Saturday because of winds forecasted for Thursday and Friday.

The launch of the New Shepard craft is now targeted for 9:45 a.m. ET on Saturday. Live coverage of the NS-19 launch will start 90 minutes before takeoff on the Blue Origin website.

Blue Origin said the team had completed its flight readiness review, and New Shepard had met all mission requirements.

"Astronauts will complete training today and weather remains as the only gating factor for launch," it said.

Blue Origin invited Strahan as an "honorary guest" on the NS-19 flight, alongside Laura Shepard Churchley, the eldest daughter of Alan Shepard, the first American to go to space. Strahan will receive a stipend as a member of the crew, which he is donating the Boys and Girls Club, according to Blue Origin.

In addition, four customers will be onboard, including tech entrepreneur Lane Bess and his son Cameron Bess, who will became the first parent-and-child duo to fly to space.

The 11-minute-long flight will see the crew travel over three times the speed of sound and pass the Kármán Line at 62 miles above the Earth's mean sea level. The boundary is widely recognized as the border between Earth and space. The crew will feel weightless for a few minutes and be able to see Earth before parachuting back down to it.

In a tweet after the launch was postponed, Strahan shared a photo of himself smiling alongside the message: "Even though the plans have changed the experience is still sweet! Kicking back and taking it all in at 'Astronaut Village.'"

On Wednesday, the crew appeared on Good Morning America, where Strahan told viewers about his pre-flight preparations.

Strahan said: "We have been training so much, going through all the different protocols, all the different safety features [...] and we all feel very confident that we can perform any function that we may need if called upon."

He went on: "You just think you kind of get in, strap up, go up, come down, but there's so much that you learn here. And it's just been fantastic, it puts you at ease and... I know we're all excited and we bonded as a team here in Van Horn, Texas."

The launch comes after New Shepard's first crewed flight in the summer, which sent Bezos into space days after the first crewed spaceflight of rival firm Virgin Galactic.

Michael strahan blue origin
'Good Morning America' presenter Michael Strahan in his Blue Origin suit. Strahan is due to flight into space on a Blue Origin flight. Blue Origin