Where are 'Bridezilla' Stars Shannon Sarich and Jaslyn Williams Now? Find Out If They're Still Married

Bridezillas is back with a vengeance as it enters Season 12, and with the lead up of two brides's big days being unveiled. The WE reality series introduces its newest bridezillas—Shannon Sarich and Jaslyn Williams—in Friday's episode.

Sarich, 32, is a self-proclaimed TV celebrity. She has appeared on Oxygen's Bad Girls Club in Season 10 and Season 13. She also appeared on Bad Girls All-Star Battle. She boasts 141,981 Instagram followers and 81,000 Twitter followers. On Bridezillas, she's set to tie the knot with 37-year-old Patrick McGowan.

In a preview for Friday's episode, Sarich is shown trying on her wedding dress for the first time. While the dress—which is actually a quinceañera gown—proves to be a good fit, it comes at a price. Her chosen dress amounts to $7,000 and exceeds the rest of the wedding budget by $2,000. McGowan called one of Sarich's bridesmaids for an update on the wedding dress selection process. The call was put on speaker, so Sarich was able to overhear their discussion. When McGowan asked "how much" the dress was, Sarich proceeded to shout angrily in response.

"This is my wedding! This is my wedding day," Sarich said. "Do you love me or not? Do you want to marry me or not? I need to know right now because I love my dress."

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Williams, 25, met her significant other Jermain Martin, 28, on Facebook. According to a description on the couple issued to Newsweek by WE, Martin has "been fighting back against all of his bride's over-the-top and outlandish wedding ideas" and he's "had to front the money for three photo shoots and a Hennessey fountain."

It's uncertain if the couples are still together as simply browsing through their social media profiles doesn't indicate much, but Newsweek reached out to WE for comment on this. Sarich confirmed to Newsweek that she is still with McGowan and that the couple is opening up a restaurant called Cajun Corner Restaurant and Bar in Anchorage, Alaska.

"I'm still married to Patrick. I love a good challenge," Sarich told Newsweek. "Patrick and I have just opened a bar and restaurant [in] downtown Anchorage. Big responsibility with an even bigger achievement. Bridezillas was a s*** ton of work, but worth it all. I absolutely loved the entire casting team."

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Season 12 of Bridezilla will be comprised of 10 episodes. The show was renewed following the debut of a successful reboot in 2018.

"We have found that being a bride, and more importantly a 'Bridezilla,' never goes out of style. We have been thrilled with the glowing reception from longtime fans as well as new fans of the show," Marc Juris, president of WE, said in a statement to Deadline in August 2018. "Bridezillas came roaring back with a whole new layer of drama thanks to the ubiquity of social media, making the show more relevant than ever, and we're excited to see what outrageousness unfolds during this upcoming season."

Bridezillas airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on the WE network.

'Bridezillas' Season 12 Episode 1
Shannon Sarich is pictured in a still from 'Bridezillas' Season 12 Episode 1 on March 15, 2019. WE tv
Where are 'Bridezilla' Stars Shannon Sarich and Jaslyn Williams Now? Find Out If They're Still Married | Culture