6 Best Places to Spot a Harajuku Girl in Tokyo

Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood is an electric Kool-Aid acid test for the eyes and well known for its extreme fashion.

Harajuku girls in Japan are known for their extreme fashion. Kyle Hammons Photography/Getty

Where to spot a Harajuku Girl? In Harajuku, of course. But if you want to spot these fashionable females – popularized by the Gwen Stafani song of the same name – there are a few places you can ensure you'll see one of these over-the-top dressed girls around the Tokyo neighborhood Harajuku. Here are six places to go to:

6% Doki Doki

Expect lots of hot pink and neon colors and school girl (aka Lolita) fashion at this Harajuku clothes shop where you might walk out looking a lot brighter than you did when you walked in.

6% DokiDoki
There are a variety of costumes and outfits at 6% DokiDoki. 6% DokiDoki


Does the question mark in this vintage store's title suggest it's unsure of itself? You can take your best guess. We're sure, however, that the Harajuku girls don't question where they go to get the coolest vintage fashions.

G2? shop tokyo
G2? in Harajuku is an explosion of color and clothes inside. G2?

Kawaii Monster Café

The monster in question is what you walk through – or at least its mouth – when you enter this colorful café. It's not advised to take LSD or any other psychedelic drugs while visiting this restaurant. Then again, you might wonder if you're on drugs. The life-sized gummy bears and multi-colored pasta dishes may leave you feeling like you've taken quite a trip, dude.

Laforet Harajuku

A teenage Japanese girl's paradise. At least if she's into colorful clothes and accessories. Or anything colored pink. This 13-floor mall is the epicenter of Harajuku fashion with shops galore selling the latest and greatest.

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6.25-7.18 POP UP SHOP / 1F ENTRANCE SPACE 🔖月影屋 . 6.25-7.4 POP UP SHOP / 2F CONTAINER 『浴衣 IN LAFORET』 🔖ろっこや Summer Shop 🔖MICO PARADE 🔖大塚呉服店 . 1枚目:月影屋 職人の技が光るハイエンドで江戸前な浴衣が今夏も参上。伝統的な製法を守りながら、自由な発想でカルト的人気を誇っています。丹後の正絹を使った「スワロフスキーの帯」シリーズや「写真の帯」シリーズも販売。 . 2枚目:ろっこや Summer Shop モダンと伝統の融合デザインが人気のろっこやと個性豊かなゲストブランドが夏の新作をお届け。コーディネートを彩る半衿・帯揚げ・ショール・帯留めや、ヘッドドレス・アクセサリーなどの小物も充実。 . 3枚目:MICO PARADE 現代ファッションとして今迄にないキモノを提案。図案家として実績を積み和装モデルとしても活躍する、SNSで支持され多数のメディアが取り上げる川原マリアが主催する着物ブランド。 . 4枚目:大塚呉服店 コンセプトは、きものが着たくなる呉服店。ワードローブの一つとして日常のファッションに溶け込むスタイルを提案。涼やかな浴衣や帯、ガラス素材の小物やオリジナルの下駄・バッグなど、あなたの装いを楽しくするアイテムが集合。 . 6.25-7.24今年も開催!人気の浴衣集合催事 『浴衣 IN LAFORET』 2F CONTAINER 📄6.25-7.4 大塚呉服店/MICO PARADE/ろっこや Summer Shop 📄7.5-7.14 iroca times C.H.O.K.O/OVOV×gui flower/MIKI SAKURA & 櫻メゾン 📄7.15-7.24 あそ美や meets yuminique/AYAKO NAGAHASHI/重宗玉緒 . #月影屋 #tsukikageya #月影屋参上ラフォーレ原宿 #ろっこやSummerShop #ろっこや #micoparade #ミコパレード #川原マリア #大塚呉服店 #YUKATAinLAFORET #yukata #kimono #japan #浴衣 #浴衣コーデ #着物 #和服 #和装 #お祭り #花火 #花火大会 #laforet #harajuku #laforetharajuku #ラフォーレ #原宿 #ラフォーレ原宿 #popupshop #期間限定 #CONTAINER

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Paris Kid's

We love a misplaced possessive apostrophe. But we also love a place where Harajuku girls can buy all manner of brightly colored accessories for cheap, cheap, cheap. This is the place to go to accessorize yourself.

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Yoyogi Park

One of the largest parks in the Japanese capital, Yoyogi is a great place to spot Harajuku girls and the people who love them. Come on a Sunday and you'll see gals and guys dressed to the nines in all manner of extravagant fashion, including rockabilly boys and Lolita girls.

Yoyogi Park
Yogogi Park is a popular hangout for the Harajuku set. TAGSTOCK1/Getty

Correction: This story has been updated to correct a typo in the headline and replaced an image from Laforet Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, which was misidentified as the Harajuku location.