Where Is John Wayne Bobbitt After 'I Was Lorena Bobbitt' Film on Lifetime?

Lorena Bobbitt (now known as Lorena Gallo) is a household name in America because of a crime she was accused of committing in 1993. According to Gallo, she was forced to cut off her then-husband John Wayne Bobbitt's penis to prevent sexual assault.

John Wayne Bobbitt was not found guilty of sexually assaulting his then-wife and she wasn't found guilty for her actions either: Gallo was acquitted due to temporary insanity, according to Women's Health.

Gallo is telling her story in Lifetime's new movie, I Was Lorena Bobbitt, which premiered Monday. She's now using her platform to advocate for domestic violence victims and even started a nonprofit to do just that.

So what, exactly, happened to Bobbitt after the violent encounter? Some of his story was featured in Amazon's documentary series Lorena, that dove into the story.

Bobbitt was able to have his penis reattached after Gallo cut it off, and it's been documented in various interviews. Dr. Jim Sehn, who performed the surgery, shared his memories of the event in an article by The Cut. Beware: the interview is graphic and details the severed organ, along with how much it affected Sehn.

John Wayne Bobbitt
John Wayne Bobbitt points during testimony on the sixth day of his wife Lorena Bobbitt's malicious wounding trial at the Prince William Courthouse in Manassas, VA 19 January 1994. POOL/AFP/Getty

"I had never seen an injury quite this gruesome before in urology," he explained. "It's just a really unique moment and you can't help but get a wrenching feeling in your gut to see it. It's really horrifying. Though you quickly recover, as a surgeon. We do a lot of trauma, and you do what needs to be done."

But what happened after the surgery, after the acquittal? It's important to note Bobbitt claimed he never raped Gallo. Instead, he said she attacked him because he was going to divorce her. He also said the night Gallo attacked him, he'd denied her sexual advances.

"[Gallo] was never abused, she was always the abuser, and she cut off my penis because I was going to leave her," he told the New York Times.

Bobbitt made headlines again after the trial due to his decision to act in porn. He capitalized on the events from his past with the punny 1994 title John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut. He also appeared in Buttman at Nudes a Poppin' 2 and Frankenpenis according to the Internet Movie Database.

Now, Bobbitt lives in Las Vegas and doesn't work, according to Refinery 29. This is because of a settlement from a 2014 car accident, Vanity Fair revealed in 2018. He's been married three times, including his union with Gallo, but is currently single.

Vanity Fair also revealed Bobbitt is a supporter of President Donald Trump, and Gallo claims Bobbitt sends her love letters around Valentine's Day each year, according to the New York Times. Bobbitt also hunts for treasure in his spare time, particularly the Fenn Treasure, which is believed to be located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Newsweek attempted to connect with Bobbitt to ask for comments on his role in this new film but did not receive a response in time for publication. Should that change, we will update this post accordingly.