How to Watch the Rest of the World Ring in the New Year

Fireworks explode over the Sydney Opera House in a teaser display before the big show at midnight, December 31. Jason Reed/Reuters

Whether you're a homesick emigre, wishing you could see your hometown light up on January 1, or you're just really into fireworks, you don't have to leave your house to see some of the best New Year's parties in the world.


If you're anywhere in Australia you will be able to tune in via the livestream on the site of public broadcaster ABC1. If you're further afield, fear not, as the city of Sydney and Australia's telecommunication company Telstra have partnered to broadcast the fireworks as a livestream that you can watch from outside the country.


If there's anything we learned from the 2008 Olympic Games it's that Beijing can do fireworks. Chinese state news CCTV will broadcast the countdown to the New Year from the ancient palace walls of the Forbidden City. The Chinese New Year may not be until February, but expect a boisterous greeting of January 1 from the country that can lay claim to inventing fireworks.


Standing at 830 meters (2,723 feet), the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world's tallest building and it makes for quite the setting for a spectacular New Year's fireworks show. You can watch Dubai's firework frenzy live and enjoy the show from three different angles, as organizers have set up a multi-camera stream.


While it is a formidable challenge to keep up with the New Year's celebrations across Russia's 11 time zones, the party in Moscow is worth watching. Russia's state-run Perviy Kanal will be streaming the celebrations live from the Red Square for the first time ever, as the country's most popular entertainers gather for a variety show in front of the walls of the Kremlin.


If you're tempted to watch France's New Year show, known colloquially as Le Réveillon, you can tune into the livestream on French TV channel iTele from France and abroad. For those whose French is a bit patchy, France's international news channel France 24 will also be doing a livestream with English-language commentary.

It has been reported that this year's celebrations won't feature fireworks, due to the security situation following November's attacks.

New York

The legendary marking of the New Year in the city that never sleeps is one of the highlights of New York's calendar. And you can watch the iconic skyline light up, from Rockefeller Plaza to the Empire State Building, as if you're standing smack dab in the middle of Times Square.

Apart from setting up a livestream for the event, a website dedicated to the Times Square festivities also has plenty of information on the history of the date for the city to keep you entertained if you have a few moments to kill before the clock strikes midnight on the U.S. East Coast.