Where Will Nick Foles End Up After Super Bowl 52? Eagles-Patriots Could Lead to Wacky NFL Offseason

Even if he leads the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl upset against the New England Patriots in Minneapolis on February 4, Nick Foles may still be unknowable.

Is Foles the Foles who led the NFL in passer rating in 2013 for one, lightning-in-a-bottle season under Chip Kelly (remember him?) Or the Foles who meandered around the league over the next few seasons, finding a home in neither Kansas City or Missouri? The Foles who struggled in relief of Carson Wentz when he ended up back at the Eagles in 2017? The Foles who looked competent again against the Atlanta Falcons in the Divisional Round or the machine that dissected the Minnesota Vikings' defense in the NFC Championship game?

Perhaps Foles is a bit of all of these versions, even now as he's about to lead the Eagles into their first Super Bowl since 2005. In a season when journeyman quarterbacks have come to the fore—Case Keenum prominent among them—Foles is probably the hardest talent to evaluate.

In a market that figures to be friendly towards quarterbacks, the enduring sense of confusion and mystery around Foles's talents shouldn't affect his value. It may even augment it—there are quarterback-needy teams out there, including the Broncos and Cardinals, who will almost certainly be willing to take a chance on a signal-caller with a Super Bowl appearance, at least, and a Pro Bowl on his resume.

The upside of Foles is compelling, if elusive. That's good for the Eagles, who will expect franchise quarterback Carson Wentz to return from an ACL injury at the start of the 2018 season. Cody Benjamin of CBS pointed out on Wednesday that provided Wentz is fully healthy next season, he will relegate Foles to the bench even if the 29-year-old backup wins a Super Bowl.

Foles can test free agency after the 2018 season. But the 2017 offseason may be an opportune time for the Eagles and Foles to part ways. Foles's trade value is probably never going to be higher and this may be his last shot at being a consistent starter in the NFL. It's in keeping with the strangeness of this NFL season that trading away a potential Super Bowl-winning quarterback seems like the sensible thing for team and player.