'Where's The Men At?': Anti-Masker Goes Viral for Failed One-Man 'Protest' in Costco

An anti-masker has gone viral across social media for his weekend tirade at his local Costco Wholesale in which he was recorded insulting customers and demanding people remove their COVID-19 face masks along with him.

Footage of the maskless man's self-proclaimed "revolution" started in the middle of a California Costco store on Sunday. The man, known only as ThaMagaMan on his social platforms in support of Donald Trump, began advertising his "No Mask Protest" in late April.

"#cancelcostco," he captioned the Instagram post.

He posted footage of himself leading the one-man protest inside the store on Monday to TikTok. The video starts with him yelling at patrons and eight surrounding employees in the store.

"Is anybody else tired of this tyranny?" he asks, to a resounding chorus of "no" from the crowd.

"You love tyranny!" he retorts. "You love tyranny!"

He then yells at customers against his ideology that they "get out" of the store. He then tries to start a "no more masks" chant, which nobody joins.

Finally, a masked Costco employee starts to escort him out.

"We're out of here," he says, continuing his chant.

"You know what's funny? In six months or a year from now, you're gonna be looking for people like me to stand for you," he yells before exiting.

"Where's the men at? Where's the freaking men at that will stand for your liberty? Where's the man that will stand for liberty once again?"

"Liberty comes with a mask?" he adds. "Please."

The TikTok, viewed more than 720,000 times, was widely criticized by viewers.

"LMAOOO THE FACT THAT NO ONE WAS ON HIS SIDE," one viewer said. "Literally my toddler is more mature than you. Grow up," another added. "Go help in India or the COVID ICU without a mask you brave little man."

ThaMagaMan also gained attention in a separate video shot by a bystander outside of the Costco that was posted on Reddit. It was not immediately clear if it was taken before or after his rant inside the establishment.

"If you're afraid, wear the mask. Stop dictating my life because you're afraid," he says. "If you feel the mask works then why are you worried about me?"

The man appears to be with one or two other people, with one woman waving a sign and chanting "masks don't work." In the background, a store patron is seen shouting remarks about the anti-masker's short stature.

"Everyone's looking at how short you are," he yells.

"Aha, you're so funny, go back inside with your mask!" he responds, before returning to his argument.

"If the masks work, feel free to wear it," he says. "If the masks work, protect yourself from me."

The heckler continues unabated: "Look at the short guy! Everyone, look at the short guy!"

The anti-masker then makes rude hand gestures directly to the camera, shouting back, "But his d**k is this big!"

Reddit viewers got a laugh out of the man distracting ThaMagaMan. "Lmao. Real-life trolling is the best," one viewer joked.

Several chimed in with their own recent customer service experiences with similarly minded people.

"I always found it funny to be in those situations with a customer because I knew what I can and can't do, so it didn't really bother me. However, seeing coworkers or other employees getting treated like that pisses me off," one person shared.

"Where I work I had a customer come in with his Karen wife wearing no mask. I asked them to put a mask on and they said, 'I'm glad you're looking out for my own safety but I'm good. You're wearing a mask so why worry?'" another added. "I told him 'it's for the safety of everyone in the store, not for you' [and the] guy refused to leave so I called security on them before they ditched."

ThaMaskMan has not released an official statement on the incident but has remained steadfast in his opposition to mask mandates in public spaces. Early on Wednesday, he uploaded additional footage from his tirade inside Costco, claiming that the protocols stemmed from a desire for "mind control."

"This is called putting us in mind control freaking chains," he says. "It's called 'enslavery' [sic] of the mind. You're forcing me to do something I don't believe in."

He even called upon the Constitution and his paid Costco membership as reasons why he does not need to be masked in the store.

Costco has not yet released a statement about the situation.

This is not the first time an anti-masker caused trouble in the middle of a Costco. In November 2020, a woman was arrested after her tirade made it to Reddit.

"The masks don't work!" the maskless woman shouted at the customers. "This has going been on for almost a year now! If they work so well, why are people still getting sick? Can you answer that question?"

Tiktok Anti-Masker Goes Viral For Costco Rant
A man by the name of "ThaMagaMan" went on a tirade in a California Costco over the weekend, garnering attention from both Redditors and TikTokers alike. LEFT TO RIGHT: u/PoeBangangeron/REDDIT, @ThaMagaMan/TIKTOK