Which Contestants From Colton's 'Bachelor' Season Will We See in 'Paradise'?

Following a dramatic two-part finale to Colton's season of The Bachelor, there are some strong candidates for the upcoming cast of Bachelor In Paradise. While there has been no official announcement, some of Colton's exes have already voiced interest in the summertime spin-off. 

Hannah Godwin 

Probably a surprise to most, soft-spoken Hannah Godwin is not the next Bachelorette; however, that can mean she's on her way to paradise. Audiences didn't see much from the blue-eyed beauty, but following her heart-wrenching breakup and elegant appearance during the finale, Bachelor Nation instantly fell in love. 

Though "blindsided" by the breakup, Godwin said she is "open" to finding love in whatever way possible. 

"I'm open to any form of finding love," Godwin told Access' Kit Hoover Tuesday. "I was so freaking close to getting it, and I thought it was there, so now I know it is something that I'm ready for." 

Which Contestants From Becca and Colton's Season Will We See in Paradise? Hannah Godwin (L) and Colton Underwood (R) onstage during 'The Bachelor' season finale. ABC

Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Miss North Carolina 2018, Caelynn Miller-Keyes had a tearful goodbye with Colton after being eliminated during the Home Town segment of the show. It was evident that Miller-Keyes was heartbroken by the breakup and she told The Ellen Show producers she struggled "so much." 

"I struggled so much ... I just don't think [being the Bachelorette] is for me," Miller-Keyes said last week. 

When asked if Paradise was a possibility, gave a coy answer of "maybe," which could be speculated as a "yes, but you'll find out when it's officially announced." 

colton and caelynn talk sexual misconduct Caelynn Miller-Keyes (L) and Colton Underwood are pictured on Episode 2301 of "The Bachelor" on January 7, 2019. ABC/Rick Rowell

Demi Burnett

Arguably, Bachelor In Paradise was created for outspoken contestants like Demi Burnett. Catching Bachelor Nation's attention was her facial expressions, quick-witted responses and "don't give a f**k" attitude, it would be quite surprising if Burnett doesn't step onto the sandy beaches of Mexico. 

Host Chris Harrison even hinted during the "Women Tell All" that audiences won't be seeing the last of Burnett; however, while talking to ExtraTV, she said it was something she'd "consider." 

"I wouldn't say for sure I'd do it or for sure I wouldn't do it," Burnett said. "It's an option, so we'll see what happens." 

Which Contestants From Becca and Colton's Season Will We See in Paradise? Demi Burnett (middle) during 'Women Tell All.' ABC

Courtney Curtis

Another reason Bachelor In Paradise was created is to refuel drama from last season. Courtney Curtis was no stranger to drama during Colton's season and even made quite the spectacle during the "Women Tell All" when she attempted to stick a pacifier into Demi's mouth. 

Though Curtis hasn't spoken publicly about a role in the franchise's spin-off, by the looks of it, she loves to make a scene take any opportunity to confront Demi on her immaturity. 

Who Is Going to Paradise? Courtney Curtis (pink dress) during the 'Women Tell All.' ABC

Katie Morton

Another woman who was a source of drama during the show is Katie Morton. While she did quite a relatively low profile during the show, it was her exit that ignited drama within the house. 

Telling Colton that he needs to make sure that everyone in the house is there for the right reasons, Morton revealed on the "Women Tell All" that she was speaking specifically of Caelynn and Cassie. 

Fueled by an unrecorded conversation on a bus in Singapore, Morton allegedly heard Caelynn speak of Colton as something to be "won" and that she or Cassie would probably be the next Bachelorette. By the looks of it, Morton doesn't seem to be afraid of speaking her mind and confronting people, which may be the perfect recipe for a dramatic season of Paradise. 

Who Is Going To Paradise? Katie Morton during Season 23 of 'The Bachelor.' ABC

Producers have not yet confirmed the premiere date of Bachelor In Paradise, however, if season's past is anything of a clue, we can expect Season 6 sometime in August. 

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