Whine, Women And Wimbledon

Women, the great fight trainer Whitey Bimstein used to say, have ruined more athletes than whisky and the IRS put together, but even he would have been shocked to hear about what happened to Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon last week. Seeded third in her bid for an unprecedented 10th Wimbledon title, the 34-year-old reigning champion was rudely undone in the quarterfinals by the teenage Jennifer Capriati. This was only Navratilova's 10th Wimbledon loss in 113 matches, and the first time since 1977 she failed to reach the semis. Court watchers cherchezing the femme behind Navratilova's fall immediately fingered Judy Nelson, the former Texas beauty queen (and mother of two sons, 17 and 20) who had lived with the tennis star for the last seven years. Navratilova herself broke off the relationship this April, but last month, Nelson served her with papers demanding that she live up to a "nonmarital cohabitation agreement" which calls for an equal division of Navratilova's earnings since 1984-a sum Nelson's lawyer estimates at $5 million to $10 million. Distraught after her loss, Navratilova made no comment and left for parts unknown, while Capriati, playing in only her second Wimbledon, lost to Gabriela Sabatini, who turned around and lost to Steffi Graf in the finals.

The incident did, however, detract attention from the continuing mystery of top-ranked Monica Seles, 17, who abruptly dropped out of the tournament before her first match and has not been heard from since. She was reported to be staying at Donald Trump's Palm Beach estate, although Trump himself was in New York dealing with his own tangled love life (following page). Women! (And men.) As Whitey Bimstein might have said, they all shoulda stood in bed. Alone.