White Doctor Who Accused Cops of Treating Him 'Like a Black Person' Says He Was 'Proving a Point'

8_18_Orlando International Airport
A passenger waits to be picked up at the arrivals terminal at Orlando International Airport in Florida, U.S. September 9, 2017. Gregg Newton/Reuters

A white doctor arrested at Orlando International Airport after causing a bizarre disturbance in which he said cops were "treating him like a black person," told NBC-affiliated WESH 2 News he was trying to "prove a point" about police use of force.

Jeffrey Epstein was filmed Thursday shouting at police as they attempted to handcuff him. Airport staff had called in law enforcement officials to deal with an unruly passenger. According to WESH, he initially calmed down before he discovered he would no longer be allowed to board his flight.

Epstein went on to accuse police of provoking him. "Do you have training, genius?" he said to one officer. Cops moved in to handcuff him and an altercation ensued. "Do not hurt me," Epstein shouted as tried to move away from police. Officers eventually pinned him to the ground, where he shouted, "[You're treating] me like a fucking black person."

Police eventually arrested Epstein and charged him with battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, trespassing after a warning and possession of cannabis of less than 20 grams, NBC News reported.

He told law enforcement officials the disturbance was a deliberate attempt to create a scene, according to an arrest affidavit, WESH reported.

After the incident, the Lakeland doctor told the outlet: "If you're going to do this to a white doctor, who's 59 years old, for doing nothing, then why would black people trust you?"

"I'm a Trump guy," he added. "But until the police fix this problem, I don't blame black people for being upset when they get arrested."

Epstein's comments have been met with dismay online. Civil rights non-profit executive director Shay Stewart-Bouley tweeted: "White privilege is being in an airport, yelling at cops and telling them you are pissed off and eventually they tire of your histrionics and arrest your ass. Then you yell 'they are treating me like a f*cking Black person,' That is white privilege."

Other users echoed her sentiment. Writer and activist Shaun King tweeted: "He said, in shock and desperation 'You're treating me like a fucking Black person.' Think on that for a moment. With all of this going on, that's what came to his mind. Police brutality, to him, is something reserved for Black folk."