Iowa Trump Voter Says Anti-White 'Racism' is Reason He Plans to Re-Elect Trump in 2020

An Iowa man who implied he plans on voting for President Donald Trump's re-election in 2020 said he once lived with a "colored" guy in college and that he's been victimized by people calling him a "racist."

The Iowa State Fair attendee identified as Bob Fisher was asked who he plans on voting for after placing his corn kernel next to Trump's name as part of an unofficial presidential poll Friday. Fisher turned the question around at the MSNBC reporter and disparagingly asked him who a "white, old" man should be expected to vote for in 2020. The man explained he's tired of being labeled a "racist" and that he has no problems with "colored" people.

"You put in your corn kernel?" MSNBC correspondent Vaughn Hillyard asked Fisher at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa.

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"Guess: I'm white, old, they call me all kinds of names, who do you think I would vote for?" Fisher replied as he ceremoniously removed his hat. "Come on you are smarter than that. You don't have to fill in the blank, everybody knows. We're the bad people."

He claimed "they" repeatedly say he's a "racist" before going into detail about how his personal history reflects tolerance and racial acceptance rather than the racism of which he says he's accused.

"I went to school, I shared my dorm with a colored guy. I have nothing against them, I grew up in the East. We grew up with people," he said.

Fisher defended Trump from accusations of racism as well, saying the president's comments directed at African-American or Hispanic communities are from people who say "bad things" about Trump that he couldn't repeat on television. "No I don't. I really don't," Fisher said when asked about the "send them back" Trump rally chants about four Democratic congresswomen of color.

"Some of those people he's talking about have said just as bad things about him that you can't say on TV," he continued.

Hillyard concluded the segment by saying his discussions with Iowa voters––who will vote in the first presidential nominating contest on February 3, 2020––are "not the same conversations that I've had in years past."

Hillyard was pressed by some critics and Trump supporters to explain why MSNBC would choose to air that specific man-at-the-fair interview. He said the conversation with Fisher was "emblematic" that discussions of presidential candidates focus on rhetoric from the White House rather than discussions of policy.

"Why air this gentleman's take? Because it's emblematic––no longer does the conversation with voters go immediately to health care or tax policy or education (despite the importance of these issues to them). It goes, first, almost every time to race & the rhetoric out of the WH."

iowa trump voter racism colored
An Iowa Trump voter explained why anti-white "racism" is what's driving his 2020 support for the president's re-election. Screenshot: MSNBC

Several social media responses quipped there is a Democratic Party strategy of simply "letting Trump voters speak" that is discrediting the administration and its supporters.

Iowa Trump Voter Says Anti-White 'Racism' is Reason He Plans to Re-Elect Trump in 2020 | U.S.