More 'White Lives Matter' Marches Are Being Planned After First Events Flop

Organizers of the so-called White Lives Matter marches have penciled in a new date for rallies—despite the overwhelming failure of their previous attempt last weekend.

White supremacist rallies, said to be taking place in cities across the country on April 11, had been promoted and discussed on social media and the encrypted messaging service Telegram.

Ahead of that date, a number of police forces said they were aware of the neo-Nazi plans and would be preparing accordingly. Counter-protests against the far-right demonstrations were also organized.

The co-ordinated day turned out to be a flop, however, with virtually all the scheduled marches being canceled or poorly attended. Some had only one person taking part.

The rally in Huntington Beach, California, appeared to attract the largest numbers, but the far-right extremists were heavily outnumbered by 200 counter-protesters.

Undeterred, the organizers behind the Telegram account that publicized the original rallies are now promoting a "peaceful march" on May 8 at 9 a.m.

Following the disastrous April 11 events, all the posts were deleted from the Telegram channel and its 2,400 subscribers were urged to join a new account, with the promise of more events coming.

The new channel, which currently has more than 875 subscribers, is promoting a day of marches in May, although key details such as locations have not been announced or discussed.

A message on the Telegram channel, called @WhiteLivesMatterOfficial, states: "A while ago, in order to unify the movement across the political and religious spectrum, there was an initiative to put White People first.

"Now, White Lives Matter challenges ALL pro-White groups, organizations and individuals to take a stand on the 8th of May."

The channel also shared a poster promoting the marches.

Once again, there is no real indication as to how popular any of these events will be—or if they will take place at all.

Several dedicated Telegram channels for individual marches on April 11 had only a handful of subscribers, some of whom described their disappointment at the failure of the event.

"Welp, I was the only person to show up and after being here an hour and a half for nothing I'm going home," wrote the organizer of a rally in Nashville, Tennessee.

The organizers are also hoping their plans for May 8 will not be hijacked by left-wing activists, who set up fake events in New York and Philadelphia last weekend in order to entrap neo-Nazis.

At least one person attended a fake "White Lives Matter" rally outside Trump Tower in New York City on April 11.

White Lives Matter
Joe Cook Gines holds an anti-KKK placard during a counter-demonstration at Huntington Beach Pier in California on April 11. Counter-protesters outnumbered the white supremacists in Huntington Beach. Apu Gomes/Getty Images