Video Shows Brawl Break Out at 'White Lives Matter' Huntington Beach Rally

Video footage circulating on social media shows clashes between what appears to be "White Lives Matter" rally attendees and counter-protestors in Huntington Beach, California.

Several fights erupted between anti-racism protestors and white nationalists who gathered close to the Huntington Beach pier for the rally, which was scheduled to start at 1 p.m. local time on Sunday.

After a few arrests, Huntington Beach police declared the event an unlawful assembly at 2:30 p.m. and ordered the "unruly crowd" to disperse.

Although people did start to leave after the order was given, several fights broke out between counter-protesters and white nationalists.

One video shows a fistfight outside a Roxy store on Main Street, in which several people were involved.

In the 16-second clip, two shirtless men can be seen circling around a man, dealing blows to his head and upper body, while two others nearby are also involved in a fistfight before apparently being separated by a third individual

The brief clip then comes to an end.

here they are getting punched in the face

— A.i 🛠 (@Alexander_Sm0ke) April 11, 2021

The video, shared on Twitter under a thread about alleged attendees of the failed white supremacist rally, was apparently taken at 3.05 p.m. and has been viewed more than 33,000 times as of Monday morning.

According to the uploader, "White Lives Matter" attendees were the ones "getting punched in the face."

The rally, organized by the Loyal White Knights of the KKK on social media, had aimed to "revive white racial consciousness and to unify white people against white hate," according to messages shared on Telegram.

The rally was part of a nationwide effort by neo-Nazis and white nationalists to promote their worldview.

But, from New York to Huntington Beach, the rallies were poorly attended with counter-protesters outnumbering "White Lives Matter" attendees across the U.S.

Huntington Beach Police Lieutenant Brian Smith confirmed at least one counter-protester was arrested for use of amplified sound. A second person was apprehended for attempting to interfere with the first man's arrest.

Speaking yesterday, Lt. Smith said: "The first gentleman was being detained and escorted off for a noise violation when the second gentleman interfered and impeded in the officers' duties.

"He was detained and taken into custody for that and found to be in possession of a metal baton, a knife and two cans of pepper spray."

Another man, who carried a Trump 2020 flag, was also reportedly involved in a brawl with counter-protesters.

Newsweek has contacted the Huntington Beach Police Department for comment.

White Lives Matter attendess clashed with protestors
White Lives Matter rally attendees clashed with counter-protesters. In this photo, a purported Donald Trump supporter waves flags during a "White Lives Matter" rally on April 11, 2021 in Huntington Beach, California. David McNew / Contributor/Getty