White Nationalist Group Forms 'National Justice' Political Party

White nationalist podcast host Mike Peinovich, also known as Mike Enoch, announced the formation of the National Justice political party with a Wednesday speech.

The National Justice Party was formed by Peinovich, the creator of an alt-right website called The Right Stuff. The site hosts podcasts and articles presented from a white nationalist viewpoint. Peinovich is considered a leader in the alt-right movement. During a video of the speech announcing the formation of the National Justice Party, Peinovich spoke negatively about Blacks and Jewish people. Peinovich told the crowd that ideas like freedom, equality and liberty were originally created by white Europeans.

"You cannot have those moral, philosophical foundations without the people who spawned those ideas in the first place," Peinovich said. "And the ideas of freedom, liberty, justice—those come out of the European intellectual tradition, the European philosophical tradition, the white philosophical tradition. Those are our ideas, our concepts."

"You cannot have a nation of rights, a nation of justice, a nation of liberty without a white majority forever," Peinovich added. Peinovich also said that the National Justice party was "gonna fight for you, for white rights, for our people in America and the world."

Newsweek reached out to the Anti-Defamation League, a nationwide Jewish advocacy group, for comment.

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Alt-right leader Mike Peinovich announced a new political party on Wednesday that would adhere to white nationalistic views. Sergey Tinyakov/Getty

In 2017, Peinovich has his personal information released on the internet by members of the forum site 8chan. Among the bits of information was the fact that Peinovich was married to a Jewish woman. In response, Peinovich wrote that he would not deny the fact that his wife was Jewish.

"I am just a guy that puts ideas out there on the internet," Peinovich wrote. "I want to save Europe, America and the White race. We are going to continue and not let this thing die."

The National Justice Party is not the only American political party motivated by a white nationalist philosophy. The American Freedom Party, founded in 2009 by neo-Nazi skinheads, claims to be a party "that represents the interests and issues of European-Americans and all Americans who support our mission."

On its website, the American Freedom Party encourages European-Americans to "abandon the Republicans and Democrats."

"We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture," the website added.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, American Freedom Party Chairman William Daniel Johnson created an amendment to the Constitution in 1985 which proposed that "no person shall be a citizen of the United States unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race."

In 2016, Donald Trump's presidential campaign chose Johnson to serve as a delegate during the California Republican primary. However, the campaign said Johnson's inclusion was due to a "database error."

At the time, Johnson told Mother Jones he accepted the campaign's explanation. "I don't want to gainsay the Trump campaign," Johnson said. "If I am not removed from the database, I will resign."