White Supremacist 'Race Odyssey' Flyers Spark Investigation in Texas

White supremacist "race odyssey" flyers containing hate-filled propaganda were distributed inside a gated community in Texas, according to reports.

Residents inside the gated community in the Copperfield area of Cypress found the racist flyers on their cars and homes on Saturday, according to CBS affiliate KHOU.

The flyers, seen by Newsweek, contained offensive and derogatory cartoon depictions of African American people with the text "2026 A Race Odyssey" on them.

Those same flyers are purported to have been distributed by the Aryan Freedom Network.

In a Facebook statement, shared on Sunday, the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the flyers should "not be tolerated."

William White, director of operations at the Muslim civil rights organization, said in the post: "The promotion of a racist and white supremacist group should not be tolerated in our communities.

"We ask for a hate crime investigation of this incident and urge anyone who has received these flyers to contact our office and share any door camera video or photos they may have of the people who distributed this racist material. We will share our findings with local police and the FBI."

He later told KHOU that people wearing ski masks placed the flyers at peoples' homes and parked cars.

White told KHOU: "When you are invoking fear and hate towards anyone it should be investigated. At the very least we want to make sure everyone is safe."

CAIR said it would continue to carry out an investigation into the racist flyers and hand over what they find to the Houston Police Department as well as the FBI.

The organization is now asking for anyone who has any more information about the people who distributed the flyers, including video, to contact them on 713-838-2247 or via email on info@houston.cair.com.

Newsweek has contacted CAIR and the Houston Police Department for comment.

Last year, KKK propaganda was found in two majority-Black neighborhoods in the Varina and Fairfield districts of Henrico County, Virginia.

Henrico County Police said the bags contained flyers that purported to be from the "loyal white knights" of the Ku Klux Klan.

A flyer obtained by NBC12 reveals the writer's anger at the removal of statues of Confederate generals and leaders.

It read: "[Matthew] Maury, [Stonewall] Jackson, [Jefferson] Davis, [Robert E.] Lee and [J.E.B] Stuart—heroes that opposed federal aggression.

"Their spirits are still alive—commies, you took down statues, you'll be took down too. Loyal white knights."

The statement signed off: "100 percent Americanism—pray for white Americans."

Henrico County Police chief Eric English appealed for any residents who had information about the racist flyers to come forward.

He said: "Hate has no place in Henrico County. The safety and well-being of our community is the top priority of Henrico Police and acts of intimidation will not be tolerated."

Neo Nazi at rally
Neo-Nazi protestors organized by the National Socialist Movement demonstrate near where the grand opening ceremonies were held for the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center April 19, 2009 in Skokie, Illinois. The flyers were left in a Texas neighborhood. Scott Olson / Staff/Getty