Video: White Woman Calls Police on Black Child Who Grabbed Her Butt, She Says

A white woman in Brooklyn was filmed calling the police on a black 9-year-old boy, claiming the child grabbed her butt.

The video shows a crowd forming outside the Sahara Deli in Flatbush as the woman says "I want the cops here right now!" The caller identifies herself as Teresa Klein, according to the New York Post. A Whitepages search showed that somebody with her name lives at the address she provided to police during the phone call.

Klein says in the video that she is a police officer but does not provide evidence for this claim.

"Jason Littlejohn, who filmed and posted the now viral video on Wednesday, claimed the boy was being falsely accused," the New York Post reported.

As the video begins, a child can be seen and heard crying outside the bodega. Onlookers are both incredulous and angry that Klein is calling the police on a child.

"You're a pedophile. Go home!" someone yells. An onlooker calls Klein "Cornerstone Caroline," a reference to other recent viral videos of white women calling the police on black people. The caller recognizes the recent events, saying "white lady calls the cops on a black lady, I get it."

As she hangs up the phone, the caller turns to those gathered and tells them to "upload that to WorldStar," referring to the website WorldStarHipHop, a content-aggregating platform.

The phone number Klein stated in the video appeared to be disconnected, and Newsweek could not reach her prior to publication.

Police converge in lower Manhattan following the discovery of a pressure cooker left on the sidewalk on February 1. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

On October 7, a white woman in Georgia reportedly called the cops on a black man who was babysitting two white children. "It is overwhelming to see how other people are oblivious to the reality in today's society," the babysitter, Corey Lewis, said of the incident.

In July, a white woman in New York state was arrested after exploding into a racist diatribe while on a bus. Marie Messiano was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, aggravated harassment and criminal obstruction of breathing after she was filmed attacking one of the passengers and screaming the n-word and threats against "illegal immigrants" at fellow riders.

In April, a white woman who has since been dubbed "BBQ Becky" reported a black family for barbecuing in Oakland, California. KTVU obtained recordings of the calls in August.

Hours after originally calling the cops, Jennifer Schulte once again tried to prompt a response from law enforcement. "I was wondering when the police are going to come and help me," she said to a 911 dispatcher.

"What's the panic over a barbecue? I don't understand," the law enforcement worker said. "So why are you in an argument with these people? Can you walk away?"

After further questions, the dispatcher asked Schulte whether she'd ever been to John George, a mental facility.

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