White Woman Threatens to Call the Cops on Black Woman Walking Her Dog: 'I Live Right Here'

A white woman claiming to be part of the neighborhood's board of directors was filmed telling a Black woman and her family that they were trespassing and that she was going to call the cops.

A video of the altercation, which was posted to TikTok by @ninjanashbash, was captioned, "My White neighbor doesn't believe a [B]lack woman like myself can live in her neighborhood."

The video has since been posted on Reddit's "Public Freakout" thread and has garnered more than 7,000 views. The dispute was seemingly over whether or not the TikToker and her family lived in the neighborhood and if they were trespassing by walking their dog.

According to @ninjanashbash, the woman was trying to prove that she and her friends did not live in the neighborhood. After the white woman attempted to call police where the TikToker and her family walked their puppy, the two began to raise their voices.

The footage, which was captured after the altercation already started, showed the white woman standing on a green patch of grass in the neighborhood with her dog. "I'm on the board of directors," the woman could be heard saying to the TikToker.

"Don't think you have the right to come in front of somebody and ask where they live," the TikToker said to the woman.

"This is ours," the woman said as she pointed at the patch of grass they were standing on. "That's yours."

User @Ninjanashbash then confronted the woman, saying "this isn't private property. I live right here. I can be anywhere I want to be...I have just as much right to this land as anyone else does."

That's when the white woman escalated the situation by threatening to involve the police.

"I'll just call the cops. They're ready for you. They are so ready for you...this is private property," the woman said.

"Go ahead Karen," someone behind the camera said. As the "Karen" reached into her pocket to grab her phone the footage cut out.

The recording ended before any calls were made and it is unclear whether the police were called during the altercation. In the comments, @ninjanashbash said the altercation occurred in a neighborhood in Irvine, California.

Woman Claims Black Family Trespassing
A woman has been dubbed a "Karen" by the internet after footage of her threatening to call the police on a Black woman walking her dog with her family circulated social media. It was unclear if the police were eventually contacted by the woman. thyegn/Getty Images

Many people commented on the Reddit post saying the woman was "all bark, no bite" for threatening to call the police.

"She's from a time when HOA meant no [B]lack people lived in the neighborhood," one user commented.

In August, Newsweek reported about a woman who went on a racist rant after telling a woman, her mother, and her two children that they were trespassing in the neighborhood. A video of the incident circulated on social media and quickly became viral.

The woman, who claimed to be part of the HOA, was dubbed the "Kings Lake Karen" by her neighbors. She was identified as Patricia Schmidt, an exceptional student educator in Florida.

In the video, Schmidt started following a family in her car who she claimed were trespassing.

"You can't afford to live in King's Lake. You're white trash," Schmidt said in the video captured by the victim. She then began to call the woman's children "halfbreeds" and other derogatory slurs.

Schmidt then continued to harass the family by calling pointing at one of the children and saying, "your son must be special ed. He's a ret**d. Your son is a ret**d."

After video of the altercation surfaced, Schmidt was fired by the Collier County Public Schools.

"The destructive comments of Ms. Schmidt do not reflect the 7,000 talented, dedicated, and hardworking employees of Collier County Public Schools [CCPS]," CCPS told Newsweek. "Accordingly, she is no longer employed by CCPS. The video and the corresponding CCPS review have already been sent to The Florida Department of Education Office of Professional Practices Services."

Newsweek reached out to @ninjanashbash for comment.