'Whites Only' Graffiti in Texas School Bathroom Sparks Investigation

A Houston school is under investigation after a series of racist remarks were found scrawled on the tiles of a campus bathroom.

According to Click2Houston, the Crosby Independent School District (ISD) is investigating the appearance of a series of "derogatory racial remarks" at Crosby High School.

Bo Winn, whose two daughters go to the school, told the news provider the messages included phrases like "Whites Only," "No Blacks Allowed," and "Pick my cotton."

"They said in the boys' bathroom every single stall had something different on it," Winn said.

In a letter issued to parents and shared with Click2Houston, Crosby ISD confirmed the incident had taken place and urged parents to be "vigilant" and "discuss" it with their children.

"Campus administration is investigating," they said. "Remember, any student involved in vandalism of any kind in our schools will be held to the strictest disciplinary action."

The school district said the incident "goes against what Crosby ISD stands for" which they say is a focus on teaching "respect for all people and property."

They suggested the incident could be "part of a wider trend on social media encouraging teenagers to vandalize school bathrooms" much like the devious licks craze that swept through TikTok last month. However, that craze had no racial element to it.

"Regardless of the motivation, destruction of school property is illegal and disrespectful," they warned.

"Students who choose to participate in this behavior will be disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct and could be required to pay restitution for the property damage."

They also urged anyone who may have information related to the vandalism to come forward.

The message adds: "This is a moment that can become a teaching opportunity about respecting property and people."

Newsweek has contacted Crosby ISD for comment.

The incident comes just over a week after two schools in Kansas confirmed they had launched an investigation into a viral social media post showing a pair of students holding a racist homecoming dance proposal sign.

The post, which first came to light on Twitter, shows a white boy and girl posing while holding the sign, which reads: "If I were Black, I'd be picking cotton. But I'm white, so I'm picking you for HOCO [homecoming]."

Earlier that same month the Oregon school district opened an investigation after it emerged that one of its students had made comments online about "auctioning off Black classmates."

In August, a group of cheerleaders from California lodged a complaint after being targeted with racial abuse by rival fans and players at a football game.

A graffiti-ed and vandalized bathroom.
Stock photo of a vandalized bathroom - racist graffiti has reportedly appeared in a high school bathroom in Texas. m-1975/Getty