Who is the Bee on 'The Masked Singer?' Here are the Internet's Best Guesses

Wonder who the Bee is on The Masked Singer? Check out our complete list of clues and best guesses for the performer’s identity, here.

The Masked Singer episode two aired Wednesday, January 9 bringing with it six new disguised contestants for viewers to scratch their heads over. While we’re in love with the over the top costumery seen on the show, one of our favorite performances and dress ensembles of the evening was by the fierce and fiery Bee.

But who is the Bee? While a number of clues were revealed about the identity of the masked singer, the Bee managed to survive the first elimination show and so her identity remains a secret.

If the question of the Bee's identity has you stumped and you just won’t be able to sleep without knowing more, we’ve put together a guide with all the clues that have been given about the Bee on the show and through social media. We’ll also discuss the most reasonable guesses and theories we’ve heard about the identity of the Bee. As the show continues, we’ll keep adding new clues and guesses to this post so be sure to check in weekly.

Who is the Bee? The Clues

  • Website: She’s no stranger to competition
  • Video : Tennis Balls
  • Instagram: On Bee's Instagram, the description says "started off singing at birthday parties, now I'm here!"
  • Show Clues
    • In my long career, I’ve flown to soaring heights and I’ve never wanted to stop doing what I love
    • The bee is flying through fields of sunflowers
    • Being a worker bee keeps me young
    • In the background, we see four men in suits that could be back up singers or dancers
    • You can call me queen bee, but empress also suits me
    • Coming on this show I am looking forward to singing to a new generation
    • I want to see for myself that I still have what it takes to create a buzz even behind a mask
    • I started singing in the '50s

Who is the Bee? The Best Guesses So Far

who is the bee masked singer gladys knight empress queen clues 50s singers Is the Bee Gladys Knight? FOX

Gladys Knight

This is our favorite guess as it seems to neatly check the boxes for every clue. Gladys Knightly started singing in the 50s at the age of 8. She sang with a group of four other cousins and siblings dubbed Gladys Knightly and the Pips which lines up with the four backup personas seen during her clues video clip. She has been called the Empress of Soul.

Tina Turner

Listening to the voice of the Bee definitely gave us some Tina Turner Vibes and she did get her start in the ’50s and has been named The Queen of Rock and Roll. She also offered the role of Acid Queen in The Who’s rock opera, "Tommy."

Dionne Warwick

This well-known singer, actress and television host did get her musical start in the ’50s. Some call her a queen and in some places, she’s been labeled the princess of pop.

Diana Ross

This is a decent guess, but Ross falls a little short in terms of the time frame as she and the Supremes rose to fame during the ’60s. If the backup singers from the video clip were a clue, this would put a hole in the Diana Ross theory.


Who do you think The Bee is on The Masked Singer? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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