Who Is Burak Hezar? Man Arrested Over Mother and Sister's Murder After Planning to Board Flight

Burak Hezar, 20, a man who's been charged with murdering his mother and sister, was apprehended after attempting to catch a flight out of Texas.

Allen police arrested Hezar at Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) on Saturday where he had arrived, originally seeking to escape to California.

Officers launched a manhunt for Hezar as soon as they found his mother Isil Borat, 51, and her 17-year-old daughter, Burcu Hezar, dead in their Allen home just before 9:15 a.m that day.

According to Fox4, Isil's husband found Hezar at their home in the Dallas suburb and realized something was wrong.

Allen Police Department Sgt. Jon Felty told the outlet: "They were there, together, for a period of time and then the stepfather discovers that there's a problem."

When officers investigated the home they found the bodies of Burcu and Borat inside and concluded they had been stabbed to death.

Hezar, who had left the property before police arrived, took his stepfather's cell phone and headed to DFW Airport where he planned to leave Texas for California, where his father lives.

Felty continued to tell Fox4: "Now, he had a ticket to go to San Francisco, California. That's where his biological father resides. At some point, he abandons the idea."

He later continued: "He was somewhere on airport property."

It is then alleged that Hezar tried to rent a car at the airport before police found and arrested him. He was subsequently charged with two counts of capital murder, meaning he faces the death penalty if found guilty.

According to the Associated Press, Hezar was later booked into the Collin County Detention Facility on a $2 million bond.

Police did not comment on a possible motive for the double murders.

Newsweek has contacted the Collin County Sheriff's Office for comment.

Istanbul Men's High School published a statement, translated from Turkish to English on Google, that named Borat as one of its previous members.

According to Fox4, Burcu attended Allen High School and some of her friends only found out about her death during their prom on Saturday night.

The killings come after three children and a grandparent were among six victims found dead earlier this month in an apparent murder-suicide in the same suburb.

Sgt. Felty told Newsweek, police believe two of the victims found dead agreed to commit suicide, but also murder the family members inside.

He said: "The two brothers, one was aged 19, the other one was young 20s, they entered into an agreement to commit suicide, and somehow it went from that to the entire family. So we're not exactly sure what transpired there."

Barak Hezar was arrested at DFW Airport
Burak Hezar was arrested at DFW Airport on Saturday. Stock image. z1b/iStock