Who is Christina Bobb? Trump Lawyer Faces Pressure Over Classified Docs

Trump's team of representatives "likely" sought to conceal and remove U.S. sensitive and classified government documents hidden in a storage room at Mar-a-Lago, according to a new court filing from the Department of Justice released Tuesday night.

And one person appears to be at the center of this new storm, Trump's lawyer Christina Bobb, who on June 3 signed a letter (seemingly falsely) testifying that all materials stored at the Florida estate had been handed over to authorities.

Bobb has been working at a lawyer to the former president since March this year, when she joined Trump's political organization Save America.

In the 36-page filing, the department says it obtained a search warrant for the Florida estate after gathering evidence "that efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government's investigation," with Trump's attorneys misleading federal investigators and falsely claiming all sensitive material had been returned by the former president, while government records were being "likely concealed and removed."

Trump Christina Bobb
In this photo, Trump and lawyer Christina Bobb. Trump's representatives "likely" sought to conceal and remove U.S. government documents stored at Mar-a-Lago instead of complying with a grand jury subpoena issued in May, a court filing by the Justice Department says. Getty Images/Twitter

Trump and his team received a grand jury subpoena in May demanding that all government records, including classified documents, stored at Mar-a-Lago be returned and handed over to federal authorities.

On June 3, the custodian of Trump's records signed off a sworn certification letter saying that "any and all" documents had been handed over—but the Justice Department said its evidence contradicts Trump's lawyers' statement.

While the name of the custodian who signed the letter to the Justice Department has not been officially disclosed, multiple sources have pointed at Bobb, as reported by the New York Times.

Bobb is a former anchor on the far-right, pro-Trump One America News Network (OAN) channel and a former judge advocate in the U.S. Marines.

Bobb had worked as a host for OAN since June 2020, using the platform to support Trump's debunked allegations that the presidential election was rigged. In November of the same year, Bobb started volunteering in Trump's legal team, according to the Washington Post.

She was one of the six Trump's lawyers subpoenaed by the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Together with Evan Corcoran, Bobb met with the head of the counterespionage section of the DOJ's national security division, Jay Bratt, on June 3.

According to the New York Times, Corcoran drafted a statement, signed by Bobb, that claimed that, to the best of their knowledge, all classified material that was at Mar-a-Lago had been handed over.

The letter—which Trump's attorneys have not shared nor publicly acknowledged—was false, according to evidence gathered by the Justice Department and which led to the FBI raid of August 8.

In light of the department's court filing on Tuesday, Bobb, together with Corcoran, could potentially be forced to testify in front of a grand jury against their own client.

Newsweek contacted the office of Donald J. Trump for comment.

Bobb was also the lawyer who met with FBI agents at Mar-a-Lago on the day of the raid, when she said she was "precluded from actually watching what they did."

"I don't think there was actually anything there that's worthwhile, I will see what they come up with," Bobb said in an interview with conservative network Real America's Voice (which famously hosts Steve Bannon's talk show War Room) following the raid.

The lawyer then said she expected the FBI to "make stuff up and come up with whatever they want" as she said "there's just nothing there."

Talking to OAN on August 10, two days after the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, Bobb said of the raid that she was "a little bit befuddled as to why they would do such a drastic thing, so disrespecting and so dishonoring, other than the fact it's a political tool."

She then again claimed there was "not anything there." Bobb made several media appearance following the raid discrediting the FBI operation.

More than 320 classified documents have been recovered by federal investigators from Trump's Florida estate, according to the Justice Department, with over a 100 seized during the FBI raid on August 8.

The department said that the documents retrieved during the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago were "more than twice the amount produced on June 3, 2022, in response to the grand jury subpoena."

"That the FBI, in a matter of hours, recovered twice as many documents with classification markings as the 'diligent search' that the former President's counsel and other representatives had weeks to perform calls into serious question the representations made in the June 3 certification and casts doubt on the extent of cooperation in this matter," the department wrote.

The department's filing, which contains the most detailed account so far of its evidence of obstruction of justice in the search for misplaced government documents still unlawfully in Trump's possessions, came in response to the former president's request for an independent review of the material seized from Mar-a-Lago.