Who Is the Dark Overlord? Alleged Netflix Hacker Arrested in Serbia

Police in Serbia arrested a man accused of being a part of the Dark Overlord, a notorious hacking group that allegedly infiltrated Netflix and publicly released episodes of the show Orange is the New Black, among other crimes.

The group of hackers has been linked to numerous crimes over the past several years, including hacking into the system of a plastic surgeon with celebrity customers and extorting money from victims in the U.S. and the U.K. Serbia's government said that the country's law enforcement arrested a man as part of a joint campaign with the FBI aimed at ending the Dark Overlord's operations.

"The aim of the campaign was to uncover a large number of people who, using the name 'The Dark Overlord' on the Internet, have...[gained] unauthorized access to computer networks and data of at least 50 victims since June 2016 and have been...[stealing] US citizen information and personal data, including data on ownership and intellectual property, health insurance, treatment and others," the government said in a statement.

Members of the Dark Overlord allegedly hacked into the accounts of numerous victims and threatened to release incriminating information about them if they didn't pay blackmail money in the digital currency bitcoin. The group has targeted medical centers and threatened to sell people's personal medical information on the Dark Web. Victims have paid the group an estimated $275,000 over the past several years, Serbian officials said.

The FBI did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication. However, a 2016 complaint in the Northern District of Texas revealed that the FBI had arrested a software security researcher for allegedly communicating with the group.

"On June 29, 2016, FBI Atlanta (NDGA) opened a criminal computer intrusion investigation on an individual using the online moniker, "theDarkOverlord," who claimed to have stolen 655,000 patient medical records and attempted to extort the medical facilities he victimized," the complaint reads.

One 38-year-old suspect was arrested in Belgrade on Wednesday evening. The individual's apartment was also raided by law enforcement, which seized computers and other "digital equipment." It is unclear if the government suspects that other members of the group are also based in Serbia. Police in the U.K. recently arrested several people believed to be connected to the group, but it is unclear if the charges against these individuals are linked to their activity with the Dark Overlord.

So far, no other arrests have been made in Serbia and members of the Dark Overlord claim that they are still operating. A Twitter account linked to the group in the past posted a Tweet shortly after the arrest took place, claiming that "law enforcement has proven to be most incompetent."