'Who Is Jill Scott?' Here Are Some Answers.

Have you ever seen Michael Jordan dance?" Jill Scott asks. Scott knows what it takes to get The Jumper moving. Her album "Who Is Jill Scott?" is the first one released by Hidden Beach, Jordan's new record company. "Who Is Jill Scott?" is a shimmering collection partial to songs--"Long Walk," "Love Rain"--that celebrate new love. With her lush, jazzy vocals and neosoul sensibility, Scott, 28, sounds like Billie Holiday crossed with Erykah Badu. In fact, Scott wrote the hit song "You Got Me," which won a best-rap Grammy last year for Badu and The Roots. The Philly native badly wanted to record the tune herself. "I was upset at first, but then I was like, 'Sister girl, wait a minute. The first song you write wins a Grammy and has a Grammy-winning singer. Stop tripping'."