Who Is Joey Armstrong? Green Day Singer's Son Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Lydia Night of The Regrettes has publicly accused Joey Armstrong, drummer for the band SWMRS and son of Green Day vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong, of sexual misconduct.

On Monday night, The Regrettes singer shared a lengthy Instagram post detailing a relationship with Armstrong that she alleges began when she was 16 and he was 22. She posted it as a sort of response to a public statement that Armstrong's band, SWMRS, recently released regarding sexual assault allegations against people in the Southern California music scene, notably members of the bands The Frights and No Parents.

After the band released their statement, Night shared her own post, calling SWMRS' remarks "unbelievably hypocritical" and accusing Armstrong of emotional abuse and sexual coercion. "The band's delusional positioning of themselves as woke feminists is not only triggering for me as a victim, but is complete bulls**t and needs to be called out," she wrote on Instagram.

In her post, Night said that Armstrong first reached out to her over social media in May of 2017, and mentioned that his band would soon offer to bring The Regrettes on tour with them. Night said that eventually, the two began a relationship, and even though Armstrong's band knew about the two's involvement, he told her to shy away from being too public. "Joey would continually ask me to keep our relationship as hidden as possible and I did. I am extremely close with both of my parents but I was pressured to lie to them and didn't even tell my best friend or therapist what was going on. This created an isolating mindset where I constantly felt alone," she wrote.

She detailed some of the manipulative behavior that Armstrong allegedly exhibited against her. "Everytime we took a step sexually it was because he wanted to and made it clear either by putting my hand on his crotch, shaming me for saying I wasn't comfortable, gaslighting me or ignoring me when I didn't give my consent," Night wrote. "Everytime we saw each other, he made sure to put us in a situation where he could get sexual satisfaction."

Night said that she received a handwritten apology from Armstrong, but it didn't acknowledge "the abuse, [Night's] age, his position of power, or anything sexual at all."

Press contacts for The Regrettes said there was no further comment. SWMRS' management did not respond to Newsweek's emailed request for comment in time for publication.

Born in February 1995, Armstrong is the elder son of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. The band was started when Armstrong and singer-guitarist Cole Becker saw the musical-comedy School of Rock, according to an Entertainment Weekly interview. The band originally played under the name Emily's Army for their first two albums.

In 2011, the group released their debut album, Don't Be a D**k, through Billie Joe Armstrong's label Adeline Records. The album and its Rise Records followup, Lost at Seventeen, were both also produced by Billie Joe Armstrong.

The band changed their name to SWMRS for the 2015 EP release Miley/Uncool. Athird album, dubbed Drive North, followed in 2016 andwas produced by FIDLAR's Zac Carper. SWMRS' most recent album, Berkley's on Fire, was released in 2019.

While SWMRS has been Armstrong's only major musical project, he did provide drums for the Armstrong family band The Boo, on their 2011 self-titled EP. The limited release had four songs with the Green Day singer providing guitars and bass, his wife Adrienne Armstrong singing, and younger son Jakob Danger playing bass and guitars.

Joey Armstrong of SWMRS performs during the "Last Young Renegade" tour at the Fox Theater on July 8, 2017 in Oakland, California. Getty/Tim Mosenfelder