Who is the Monster on 'The Masked Singer?' Here are the Internet's Best Guesses

Wonder who the Monster is on The Masked Singer? Check out our complete list of clues and best guesses for the performer's identity, here.

The Masked Singer episode six aired Wednesday, February 6 bringing with it new performances from the remaining five disguised contestants from episode one.. While we're in love with the over-the-top costumery seen on the show, one of our favorite performers from episode one was the misunderstood Monster.

But who is the Monster? While a few extra clues were revealed about the identity of the masked singer during episode three, the Monster managed to survive the first elimination show and so his identity remains a secret.

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If the question of Who the Monster has you stumped and you just won't be able to sleep without knowing more, we've put together a guide with all the clues that have been given about the Monster on the show and through social media. We'll also discuss the most reasonable guesses and theories we've heard about the identity of the Monster. As the show continues, we'll keep adding new clues and guesses to this post so be sure to check in weekly.

Who is the Monster? The Clues

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Wonder who the Monster is on The Masked Singer? Check out our complete list of clues and best guesses for the performer’s identity, here. FOX

Episode 1 Clues:

  • Height: 5ft 8in
  • Weakness: misunderstood.
  • The world has labeled me a monster.
  • I'm here to redo my mixtape to prove I'm more than puff and fluff.
  • I was at the top of my game but the game turned on me.
  • I retreated into my cave to get out of the public eye.
  • I'm here to show the world no one can stop me from doing what I love.
  • Not everyone considers me a professional singer.

Episode 3 Clues:

  • Almost being unmasked that last time was a really tough pill to swallow.
  • And when I was given a second chance I realized I had to do a little reset to move forward (The monster is seen riding in a red convertible).
  • I took a drive up from the South in my red Caddy to clear my head
  • I thought about how much this opportunity means to me (we see the monster with the NY skyline behind him)
  • I realized from behind this mask I can finally show the world my true stuff. (The monster is seen with flinging money around.)
  • So now I'm back in the swing of things and celebrating getting my mind right.
  • Tonight I'm gonna sing something completely unexpected and show them the whole package.
  • It's gonna be fire!

Episode 6 Clues

  • During my last performance, the panel giving my voice some love went a long way healing a deep wound.
  • Like everyone else I've had my share of dark days,
  • But I'm a fighter and I've fought my demons
  • And I discovered the little teddy bear I am at heart.
  • This experience is far more meaningful to me than wearing a monster costume (There is a pink Cadillac behind the monster)
  • It's about being proud of who I am (there is a sound mixing board in the background.
  • Don't even think about swimming your negativity in my way cause I'll just swing back.
  • Tonight's performance is about throwing the panel off the scent.
  • No one would expect me to sing this song — game on.
  • Revealing Item: A Headset -- "I make my best calls on this headset."

Website Clues:

  • Week 1: "He's 2 for 12"
  • Week 3: The Monster is pictured with a top hat and can. The caption says "I have a job for you if you want to earn a little cash."
  • Week 6 : Photo caption says "Loves to play all kinds of games." The picture shows a skateboard.

Who is the Monster? The Best Guesses So Far

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The internet believes T-Pain is the face behind The Monster mask. Getty Images


T-Pain has been the hands down favorite for who viewers think is behind the Monster mask. He has had 2 grammy wins and 12 nominations. The artist "went into a cave" for a long time after he became popular for the use of auto tune. Many people didn't consider him a serious musician.

Dave Chappelle

This performer has been mentioned more than once. Chappelle walked away from "Chappelle Show" and was out of the spotlight for years. He used to have a monster-themed sketch on his show. In the clues from week one, it says he would "re-write his mix tape" which could refer to the "Best of" volumes of the Chappelle Show that has "Mixtape" in the titles. The monster has a gap in his front teeth that could be symbolic of Chapelle's distinctive tooth gap. The monster was also seen performing with the mic in his left hand, which Chappelle often did.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie could fit the bill as he is the right height and has recorded quite a but of music, thought he's known more for his acting. Foxx has run into some issues with the law in the past that earned him a six-month suspended jail sentence and two years on probation. In Episode 6 the Monster's revealing item was a headset which the monster said he's used to make his best calls. Foxx once took off a headset and walked off an ESPN broadcast when Michael Smith tried to ask him about his rumored girlfriend, actress Katie Holmes.

CeeLo Green

Ceelo Green is another name the internet has put forward as the singer and producer has been in some drug charges trouble for selling ecstasy. Ecstasy is a word mentioned in the song the Monster sang in episode 1. Green was sentenced to three years probation which could be interpreted as hiding in a cave.


The Dru Hill singer was cited as a possible man behind the mask. The group produced a song called "Monsta" and was known for making "Mixtapes". In the video clue, one of the fellows behind him is drinking a pepsi and Sisqo was once in a Pepsi commercial.

Who do you think The Monster is on The Masked Singer? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.