Who is the Poodle on 'The Masked Singer?' Here are the Internet's Best Guesses

Wonder who the Poodle is on the Masked Singer? Check out all the clues and our best guesses for the Poodle's identity, here.

On Wednesday, the second episode of The Masked Singer aired, leaving viewers as confused as they were in episode one when considering the identities of the disguised contestants. If you listened to the Poodle perform but the clues about her identity still have you baffled, we've put together a list of everything that was revealed about the Poodle during the show and on the internet. In addition, we've compiled a list of the best guesses we've seen discussed around the web. As the weeks go by and we learn more about the performer behind the Poodle mask, we'll continue to add updates to this post. For now, here's everything we know.

Who is the Poodle? The Clues

who is the poodle on the masked singer guesses clues Margaret cho Jillian Michaels
Wonder who the Poodle is on the Masked Singer? Check out all the clues and our best guesses for the Poodle's identity, here. FOX
  • Website Clue: You know I got soul
  • Video/Instagram Clue: In the video, the Poodle is sitting on a table holding an old-fashioned telephone, with guys in suits and sunglasses. They are wearing different colored unitards on top of their suits and dancing. The caption says "Call me maybe?"
  • Instagram Clue: Don't be fooled. This poodle has a bite.
  • Show Clues:
    • Ever since I was a little girl I loved to take on the stage and play a character which is why I chose the Poodle
    • Poodles are like me — sassy, smart and best in show
    • In the background, we see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
    • I come from a musical family but I'm known for a different kind of talent.
    • In the background, we see the four backup singer/dancers in their leotards doing pushups.
    • She says something about Stand Up
    • My whole career has been about exercising my right to free speech
    • There is a rainbow in the background
    • It's time I return to my musical roots to show the world a side of me it's never seen before.
    • To figure me out you're gonna have to work
    • I'm doing this for your honor.

Who is The Poodle on The Masked Singer? The Best Guesses so Far

who is the poodle the masked singer guesses clues Margaret cho Jillian Michaels
Is Margaret Cho behind the Poodle mask? Getty Images

Margaret Cho

This is probably the internet's favorite theory right now as Margaret checks off a lot of boxes. She is from San Francisco and is a stand-up comedian. She was once a phone sex operator and is an active spokesperson for the LGBT community. Additionally, her father is a lawyer and it may be why she said she was doing this for "your honor." She also played a paralegal in Drop Dead Diva.

Maya Rudolph

Viewers of The Masked Singer thought they heard comedian Maya Rudolph represented in the voice of the Poodle and she does come a set of musical parents. She also played the role of a judge in the TV show "The Good Place."

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee is also a comedian and the daughter of Diana Ross which checks the box for the musical family. On the show Blackish, she plays a character named Rainbow.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian is no stand-up comedian but she is a part of the LGBT community and a well-known fitness guru, which might fit in with the section of the video where the Poodle is lifting weights.

As more clues and guesses about the identity of the poodle surface, we'll continue to update this post.

Lisa Marie Presley

Presley obviously checks the box for the musical family. She does reside in San Francisco and has performed Heartbreaker with Pat Benatar at shows a number of times.

LaToya Jackson

Jackson clearly comes from a musical family and she once had a step class exercise show. She was a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race and is a LGBT activist.

Who do you think the Poodle is on The Masked Singer? Share your theories in the comments below!