Who is the Rabbit on 'The Masked Singer?' Here are the Internet's Best Guesses

Wonder who the Rabbit is on The Masked Singer? Check out all the clues plus our best guesses for the Rabbit's identity here.

The second night of The Masked Singer aired Wednesday night, leaving viewers with even more questions about the identity of the hidden faces behind the mask. The show kicked off with a real "pop" as the first contestant to take the stage was the straightjacket-clad Rabbit. The Rabbit dropped a ton of clues during his intro video that led the internet to believe they know who the man is behind the Rabbit mask. Below we've put together a list of all the clues about the Rabbit so far as well as our favorite guess from the internet as to the Rabbit's identity.

Who is the Rabbit? The Clues

  • Website: His services are sometimes available for rent.
  • Video: Seen taking pictures
  • Show Clues:
    • Quick-footed
    • Tall
    • The Rabbit is wearing a straight jacket
    • I spent most of my life on stage, but I was never alone
    • Video shows a Carousel in the background.
    • Now I pop up here and there
    • Synchronized singing is my forte
    • It's as if I've been training for this my whole life
    • Performed on stage and in a mask - check, check.

Who is the Rabbit? The Best Guesses So Far

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Is Joey Fatone behind the Rabbit mask? FOX

Joey Fatone (NSYNC)

The NSYNC clues seemed to be everywhere and the name Joey Fatone has been on everyone's lips, from the judges to the armchair detectives of Reddit and beyond. Joey neatly checks off a lot of the boxes related to the clues as NSYNC did have a music video called I Drive Myself Crazy where the boys are in straitjackets. Fatone also played the role of Mark from the show Rent who is a filmmaker. With regard to performing in a mask, Fatone did play the Wolfman while working at Universal. With all these clues lining up, Joey Fatone may well be the man behind the Rabbit Mask.

AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys)

AJ also checks the boxes for being in pop band and has a history of performing in a mask — he was seen wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask in the Backstreet's Back video. He also wore a straight jacket on his "Have it All" album cover.

Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block)

Jordan again fits the pop singer category and he had a single called "Give It To You" which featured a carousel in the music video. The name of episode 2 which kicked off with the Rabbit's performance was called "New Masks on the Block" which may or may not be a hat tip to the Rabbit's Identity.

Corey Taylor (Slipknot)

A number of folks around the web cited a Slipknot member as the possible identity of the Rabbit and Corey Taylor's name was mentioned more than once.

Who do you think the Rabbit is? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.