Who Is Tay Dome? 5 Facts About Taylor Lautner's Fiancée

Taylor Lautner of Twilight fame popped the question to his long-term partner Tay Dome, chronicling the story on Instagram. He covered their home in red rose petals to propose with a ring from New York City jeweler Ring Concierge.

Speaking on Instagram in a post after he went down on one knee, Lautner said: "Cannot wait to spend forever with you @taydome

"You love me unconditionally. You don't put up with my [turd emoji]. You calm me when I'm anxious. You make me laugh way too much.

"You make every single day spent with you so special. And most importantly, you make me a better person.

"I can't thank you enough for what you've brought to my life. I love you forever."

Dome, 24, is not as well known as her famous husband-to-be, but they have been social media-official since 2018.

Newsweek breaks down who Tay Dome is and how she has signed up to be #TeamJacob for life.

1. Tay Dome Is a Registered Nurse

Dome is not part of the Hollywood glamour in the same way as Lautner.

In fact, she is a registered nurse who worked a great deal during the pandemic, posting images of herself in masks, visors and full PPE.

She completed her studies almost two years ago, but has since paired this role with another profession.

2. Tay Dome Is an Influencer

As well as being a nurse, Dome has also branched out as a social media influencer.

She regularly posts pictures and short videos on her Instagram to share her outfits and recommendations, as well as teaming up with paid partners to talk about everything from nursing to travel.

Dome also shares a great deal of her life with Lautner, including their pet pooches.

3. Tay Dome Is a Fan of Dogs

As well as influencing in the world of fashion, health and beauty, Dome also shares the ins and outs of the lives of the dogs she shares with Lautner.

The couple have two dogs, Remi and Lily, who have their own Instagram account to talk about what they and their paw-rents get up to.

Lily was their first dog, and in August 2021 they brought home Remi.

4. Tay Dome Is From California

Dome is a California-native, and lives with Lautner in that state. She has posted images of her and Lautner spending time together on the beach in Malibu, and even once wrote about her love for the city during the Woolsey Wildfire in 2018.

She said: "A place where I have some of my first memories, to some of my favorite memories. From having the ocean as my papa's backyard, to date nights with the man of my dreams.

"This place has given me some of the most amazing memories that I'll remember for the rest of my life. Malibu, you have such a special place in my heart."

5. Tay Dome Met Taylor Lautner Through His Sister

It's not completely certain where Dome and Lautner met, but it has been reported the meeting came about thanks to his sister, Makena Moore.

Moore took to Instagram to celebrate the happy couple's engagement, while also patting herself on the back for her involvement.

She wrote: "Not to toot my own horn or anything, but i'm feeling tooty ;) think I picked out a good one for my brother

"@taydome the moment I met you at a little church in Nashville, I knew that I had to introduce you to my brother. You two couldn't be more perfect for each other. The way that you guys compliment each other genuinely blows me away.

"I CANNOT believe that I gain a sister and best friend for life. Cheers to the happy couple"

The big question, ahead of their nuptials, is whether Dome will take her husband's name. Will there be two Taylor Lautners?

Taylor Lautner and Tay Dome
Taylor Lautner and Tay Dome attend the Nights of the Jack launch at King Gillette Ranch on October 10, 2018 in Calabasas, California. John Sciulli/Getty Images

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