Who is Tim Apple? Donald Trump Gets Apple CEO Tim Cook's Name Wrong While Sitting Right Next to Him

President Donald Trump praised veteran technology CEO Tim Cook yesterday during a meeting in the White House by calling him "Tim Apple" directly to his face.

"We appreciate it very much Tim Apple," Trump said, sending social media into a frenzy. As the top executive nodded calmly, a name sign was seen in clear view. "Tim Cook," it read.

Both "Tim Apple" and "Tim Cook" were trending terms on Twitter this morning, and a video of the comment posted by Sean O'Kane, a reporter at The Verge, has now been viewed more than six million times. It has generated more than 45,000 comments and over 150,000 "likes."

Trump just called Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple” pic.twitter.com/gTHHtjWvc9

— Sean O'Kane (is on paternity leave) (@sokane1) March 6, 2019

Trump's mistake was broadcast during an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting yesterday. After thanking Mr. Apple, the president launched into a spiel about immigration. Just moments prior, he was praising U.S. investment made by Cook's California-based technology giant.

Trump said: "We're going to be opening up the labor forces, because we have to. We have so many companies coming. People like Tim, you're expanding all over and doing things that I really wanted you to right from the beginning. I used to say, 'Tim, you got to start doing it over here.' And you really have. I mean, you've really put a big investment in our country."

The unflappable Apple CEO did not appear to respond to the naming snafu that has since gone mega-viral. "Thank you, Mr. President," he later said toward the end of the briefing.

In the transcript of the meeting, posted online by the White House yesterday, administration officials seemingly attempted to spin the comment as being "Tim — Apple," indicating there was supposed to be a pause between the name and a reference to Cook's company. In any case, it's on video for the world to judge.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users lapped up Trump's meme-inducing blunder. "Calling Tim Cook Tim Apple to his face is my version of the American dream. I want to look Bill Gates in the eye and call him Jim Microsoft," wrote journalist Kaleb Horton. "Sorry Tim Apple, gotta go. I have an important meeting with Jeff Amazon and Kevin Instagram," author Matt Haig added.

It is far from the first time the president has flubbed a name or two. He once called Paul Ryan "Ron." He once called Rick Perry "Jim Perry." And in March last year he famously referred to Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson as "Marillyn Lockheed" while standing beside her.