Who Was Susan Cox Powell? Oxygen Special Examines Disappearance, Lifestyle and Bizarre Family Life

Susan Cox Powell disappeared back in 2009, and a new Oxygen special suggests her own family members may have killed her. While the circumstances surrounding Powell going missing remain shrouded in mystery, most suspect her husband, Josh Powell, and father-in-law Steve Powell, knew exactly what happened to her.

Powell married Josh young, contrary to the advice of those closest to her. Shortly after their wedding, Powell and Josh began to grow apart. Her friends believed she was in an abusive relationship, and from tapes and information Powell left behind, it appeared she feared Josh could kill her.

The young mother left a secret safety deposit box, a video that implied she wanted to have everything in order in case something happened to her, and a note that outwardly said "If something happens to me, it may not be an accident."

Much of Powell's story resonates with numerous disappearance cases nationwide. But one major twist has shocked journalists and detectives. Powell's father-in-law, Steve, was openly obsessed with Powell. He often videotaped Powell without her knowledge, stalked her and even dressed his pillows in her clothing. Steve's tapes, some of which are included in Oxygen's The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, included graphic sexual scenes of Steve fantasizing about his daughter-in-law.

For some time, Powell lived in Steve's house with Josh. It was there Steve told Powell of his admiration for her, and was rejected. Still, he continued to pine after Powell so obviously, all of his children, including Josh, knew of Steve's affection for her.

Steve was out of town when Powell went missing, but investigative journalist Stephanie Bauer explained he could have still been involved in some way. The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell focuses on the odd dynamics within this family, implying Steve may have been able to brainwash his children into behaving like he did. Was Steve's influence on Josh so strong, it may have encouraged him to kill his wife?

The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell aims to raise new questions in the case, as well as propose a theory into what really happened to Powell. With interviews from all sides, including children from the Powell family, and Powell's father, Chuck Cox, viewers are asked to help piece together clues, as well as report any further knowledge they have on Powell's possible whereabouts. The special will air on Oxygen Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT.