Who Will Be On American Idol 2019? Everything We Know About The Upcoming Premiere

American Idol is returning for Season 2 Sunday. Though the judges will remain the same — Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie — this season features new contestants with stories that pull at your heartstrings. From a farm boy to registered nurses, the current lineup of contestants may have different backgrounds, but they are all joined by one thing — music.

Tune in on ABC Sunday at 9 p.m. ET to find out which of these contestants goes through to the next round. Could these contestants join the elite class of American Idol alumni?

Tyler Mitchell

Coming from Florien, Lousiana, Tyler Mitchell is used to days consisting of hunting, fishing and "gathering sticks," but now he's trying to achieve his dreams of pursuing music.

"It's in my blood," Mitchell said in his introduction clip.


Huntin', fishin', and singin' every day __ #AmericanIdol @tylermitchellofficial

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Mitchell's Instagram is pretty simple, similar to his lifestyle. Featuring country performance clips, pictures of cowboy boots and guitars, it may be speculated that he could be a favorite of judge Luke Bryan.

Nate Walker

Traveling from Pittsburgh, Nate Walker is already endorsed by last year's American Idol second runner up, Gaby Barrett. Walker notes in his introductory clip that his grandfather is a "beautiful musician" and trained the American Idol alum.

While it may be beneficial to come into the competition already knowing a previous contestant, it could also mean that Walker has some big shoes to fill.


Currently a factory worker from South Carolina, Kai — known as Kai the Singer on social media — will also be seen during Sunday's competition show premiere.

The young singer doesn't have an introductory video posted on American Idol's Instagram; however, that could mean viewers will have more to anticipate from this South Carolinian.

Jacob Moran

Coming from Dansville, Michigan, Jacob Moran is a registered nurse currently working at a nursing home. Aside from caring for their medical needs, Moran also entertains his patients through music.

"I do love caring for people," Moran said in his introductory clip. "Music is so healing."

"Music is what I believe I was meant to do," he added. "It gives me a sense of purpose, and I really want to share that with people and help them in their time of need."

Kason Lester

Traveling from Lebanon, Tennessee, Kason Lester truly sounds like an early 2000s alternative rock musician. The musician posted a cover on his Instagram of Daughtry's 2009 hit single "It's Not Over," and commenters were quick to point out how the singer sounds exactly like Chris Daughtry.

Earlier this month, Lester took to social media to share his crumpled car in the middle of Interstate 40 in Nashville.

"I was driving down interstate 40 to Nashville for an 8 a.m. workout, and a reckless driver who was going 120 mph hit me from behind," Lester captioned. "Their car slammed me into the concrete wall, then flipped me 7-8 times."

Lucky to be alive, the musician also gave a shoutout to Toyota for making "one heck of a safe vehicle."

Shayla (Shayy) Winn

Coming from Midlothian, Virginia, Shayla Winn — simply known as Shayy — has one powerful story. A tumor left the young woman legally blind, according to a post on American Idol's official Instagram. Despite her struggles, she's ready to pursue her dreams once again and will bring judge Lionel Richie to tears while doing it.

"Getting the golden ticket would mean I get to inspire other kids," Winn said in a clip of her audition posted to her Instagram.

It looks like her audition song will be "Rise Up" by Andra Day.

Ashley Hess

A PR specialist from Laguna, California, Ashley Hess is putting her piano skills to the ultimate test in an effort to become the next Idol.

Hess released her first single "Running" in 2018 and it's currently available on Spotify.

The young singer is also known on her Instagram page for her segment called "Run Requests." She enlisted her followers to DM musical runs by various artists so she can improve the skill. Hess has already posted attempts at songs be H.E.R., Tori Kelly and Jonathan McReynolds.

Eddie Island

Currently a part-time rideshare driver and social media marketer, Eddie Island is another contestant that will make his American Idol debut Sunday. While the musician doesn't look to share a lot of performance clips, according to his bio, he plans to be Mickey Mouse's "future roommate."

It is quite evident that Island has an eccentric personality, and it will be exciting to see what he brings to his audition.

Wade Cota

Aside from Wade Cota's appearance on American Idol, you'll probably also see the Phoenix, Arizona native at open mics. With raspy vocals and an acoustic guitar, Cota says he "writes the music your girl likes" via his band's website.

Drake Taylor

Coming from Spring City, Tennesse, Drake Taylor grew up around his eight sisters and two brothers. While his mother worked double shifts, the 17-year-old has had to help raise his large family while also going to school.

"We haven't always had everything," Taylor said in his introductory video. "But they've always been there for me, no matter how hard the situation is."

"Music makes me who I am," he added. "I really don't know where'd I be without music."

Clay Page

Advertising himself via his Instagram bio as the "new old school," Clay Page is looking to go through the next round of American Idol and pursue his dreams.

Featuring a classic country voice, Page's Instagram features plenty of covers and pictures from various gigs.

"One of my favorite things to do is to sit down and make a lot of noise on this guitar," he captioned on one of his photos

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