Who Will Replace Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander? Phil Bredesen, Bill Haslam, Others Mentioned

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander announced Monday he will not seek a fourth term in 2020. This comes on the heels of fellow Republican Senator Bob Corker not running for a third term in 2018. Replacing two senators in a three-year span will likely create a seismic shift in the political landscape of the Volunteer State with plenty of viable candidates who might be on deck.

Republican Marsha Blackburn won a highly-contested Senate race in 2018 over Democrat Phil Bredesen to keep that seat red.

Now, here are a list of potential candidates who could run for Alexander's seat when he steps away. The list ranges from the current governor, a former governor, U.S. representatives, mayors, lawyers and a sports talk show host from Nashville.

Phil Bredesen

Bredesen, 75, is a former governor who lost the 2018 J.S. Senate election as a Democrat. He hasn't said whether or not he's retiring from politics, but it certainly looked like he still has the chops during 2018, when he raised more money than Blackburn in their race that shattered fundraising and campaign expenditure records in Tennessee's history.

Gov. Bill Haslam

Haslam was considered to be a top replacement for Corker, but he decided not to run so he could concentrate on his gubernatorial duties. Now that he's not running for another term, this opens up the opportunity to run for Senate.

He has some national pull as he was recently the chairman of the Republican Governor's Association. Though not an official endorsement, Alexander said the current governor would be a good replacement, per The Tennessean.

Bill Hagerty

Hagerty, who made his name as a wealthy businessman, is currently the U.S. ambassador to Japan. He served on President Donald Trump's transition team as director of presidential appointments, which was a volunteer position. His good graces with Trump could push him to victory, as Trump campaigned for Blackburn in her 2018 win. Alexander also mentioned Hagerty as a good replacement, per The Tennessean.

Diane Black, Mark Green, David Kustoff

Kustoff and Black are current U.S. representatives while Green will be sworn in next month as a newly-elected one. Kustoff's office has stated he will explore running for Senator. Black has experience in Washington, but she finished third in her primary in 2018, meaning she won't return to the Beltway in 2019, and Green is a physician and Iraq war veteran with strong political aspirations.

Randy Boyd

The interim president at the University of Tennessee lost to Gov.-elect Bill Lee in the Republican primary in 2018, so he has name recognition and experience running a campaign. He also has enough money to kickstart a solid campaign.

Andy Berke

Berke is the mayor of Chattanooga and a former state senator. He's widely considered someone who could challenge Bredesen, who he endorsed in 2018.

James Mackler

The Nashville attorney announced he would enter the 2018 Senate race to fill Corker's seat, but he withdrew and endorsed Bredesen. Ted Cruz of Texas made the jump from Houston lawyer to U.S. Senator in 2012, so a move for Mackler would be similar and not unprecedented.

Madeline Rogero

Rogero was the first woman to win the mayor's office in Knoxville — as well as the first female mayor in any of the state's most-populated cities. Her current term ends in 2019.

Clay Travis

The sports talk show host based out of Nashville said Monday he'd seriously consider running for Alexander's vacated seat. Though his popular show is mostly sports talk and gambling picks, Travis often delves into politics — most recently speaking out against Democrat senators during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. An advocate for legalized sports gambling, Travis said he must talk it over with his family first.

Who Will Replace Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander? Phil Bredesen, Bill Haslam, Others Mentioned | U.S.