Who Will Win In This Traffic-Stopping Snake and Mongoose Battle?

In this battle, only one can win. A video taken by Twitter user Dr. Abdul Qayum shows a snake and mongoose fight in the middle of the road. The incident stopped several motorcyclists and a car in their tracks, who waited patiently for the critters to finish their skirmish. Dr. Qayum appeared to take the video in Chandigarh, India.

"This is absolutely natural," Dr. Qayum wrote on August 18. "I am happy that no crusader jumped in to save either species. It's the survival of fittest which prevails in #nature." Since he posted the video, it has garnered over 10K views.

The 29-second clip shows the two creatures square off in the middle of the road. At one point, the mongoose appears to retreat from what looks like a cobra, leaving the snake to slither to the side. However, the mongoose chases the serpent down the road, grabs it by the neck before it can slither into a drain, and appears to kill it.

In a most violent ending, the mongoose comes out victorious, and scurries back across the street into the wooded area, snake in tow.

Snake Mongoose
A mongoose fights a cobra at a snake restaurant on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, 20th December 1980. These species recently battled it out in the middle of a road, causing oncoming traffic to pause. Getty/Alex Bowie

Twitter was blown away by the cobra-mongoose battle. "That was amazing," one user commented. "Great fight. Mongoose the clear winner, thanks nobody interrupt," another chimed in. "Great skill shown by (sic) mangoose to kill such poisonous snake," a third said, commending the victor.

"Never seen a mongoose actually do this before," one Twitter user remarked. Mongooses are agile creatures known to kill and eat venomous snakes, especially cobras. However, these rodents are immune to any snake poison, thanks to their specialized acetylcholine receptors, New Scientist revealed.

This isn't the first time a snake and mongoose stopped traffic to brawl. In another video shared on Twitter from March, an equally agile cobra and mongoose face off. An RV parked on the side of the road waited patiently for nature to take its course.

"Animals trying to kill a snake is akin to suicide, but (sic) mangoose have tricks of their own," Twitter user Susanta Nanda wrote. "Residing for millions of years alongside them, they have (sic) adopted to its venom. Agility, thick coats & glycoprotein production makes it immune to venom. Thick jaws brings cobra down in seconds."

At the start of the video, the snake stands tall, asserting its dominance against the rodent. During the minute-long clip, both creatures appear to retreat at one point. Ultimately, the sneaky mongoose captures the snake in its jaws and kills it in the middle of the road.