Who Won 'World of Dance' Season 2? World Finals Recap and Results

The World Finals on "World of Dance" begin tonight. Find out which act will win World of Dance Season 2 finale, here.

World of Dance has reached its finale week as the World Final kick off Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 9 p.m. EDT. During the show the final acts from each division will face off and the winner of World of Dance Season 2 will be announced.

If you aren't familiar with how the World Finals work, the remaining fours acts—one from each division (Junior, Junior Team, Upper and Upper Team) —will perform for the judges but only one act will be chosen as the Season 2 winner.. As each act performs, the judges will submit scores based off the show's unique five-point scoring system. The act with the highest score will be crowned the Season 2 winner, while the other three teams will say goodbye.

As soon as tonight's show kicks off, we'll add live updates and recap information about who made it through and who was eliminated. In the meantime, if you missed last week's Divisional Finals, you can check out a rundown of which acts made it through and which were eliminated, here.

World Finals Live Blog and Results: Who Is The Winner Of 'World of Dance' Season 2?

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The judges kicked of the World Finals with performances of their own. NBC

The night opens with mini dance routines from each of the judges. Going into the World Final, each act will perform twice — one song will be chosen by the judges, the second will be the talent's choice. There will also be performances from Season 1 winners throughout the night as well.

World Final Results:​

  • The Lab Combined Score: 97.5 WINNER
  • Michael Dameski Combined Score: 96.0 (Second Place)​
  • Charity and Andres Combined Score: 94.3 (Third Place)
  • S-Rank Combined Score: 93.5 (Fourth Place)

THE LAB wins World of Dance Season 2!!!!!

Charity and Andres (Junior)

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Charity and Andres managed a perfect score of three 100s during The Duels. The couple will now move on to the World Finals on September 12. Andrew Eccles/NBC

Performance #1: Judge Pick

The first song the pair will perform to is "Ain't No Sunshine." The song was chosen by Derek.

Judges' Feedback:

"You guys are so brilliant at your partner work … you both deserve to be here. You are incredible dancers," said Derek.

"You're so stong, I'm jealous of you. You all are damn near perfection every time," said Ne-Yo.

"You compliment each other so well. It was a great routine. You have been the stand out couple of the year," said Jennifer.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 92.0
  • Jennifer: 96.0
  • Derek: 95.0
  • Overall Score: 94.3

Performance #2: Talent Pick

Charity and Andres chose "Legendary" by Welshly Arms for their second performance.

Judges' Feedback:

"Holy Cow... you guys are both beautiful technicans and artists and you just execture every single time. Well done," said Derek.

"Above your technical ability and ridiculous strenght, I love the heart you have. You are what World of Dance is about," said Ne-Yo.

"Your partnership is what has made you show special in this competition," said Jennifer.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 96.0
  • Jennifer: 93.0
  • Derek: 94.0
  • Overall Score: 94.3

Charity and Andres Final Combined Score: 94.3

S-Rank (Upper Team)

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WORLD OF DANCE Season 2 -- S-Rank Andrew Eccles/NBC

Performance #1: Judge Pick

Jennifer served as the mentor for this group. She chose "Headband" by B.o.B. as the song the team will perform to.

Judges' Feedback:

"This room is charged with so much emotion," said Jennifer. "I really love that you took that simple concept and made it into something real and authentic."

"There is a reason why you guys won your division … you all are incredible. It was so intense. You guys are in it to win it," said Derek.

"This performance for me was just a reminder of why you've made it this far in the competition. I came here to see no less than million dollar performances from everyone. That was a million dollar performance," said Ne-Yo.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 91.0
  • Jennifer: 95.0
  • Derek: 93.0
  • Overall Score: 93.0

Performance #2: Talent Pick

S-Rank chose "It's Going Down" by Yung Joc for thier personal performance pick.

Judges' Feedback:

"It's important to finish strong and I think you did that," said Derek.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 94.0
  • Jennifer: 94.0
  • Derek: 94.0
  • Overall Score: 94.0

S-Rank Final Combined Score: 93.5

Michael Dameski (Upper)

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Michael Dameski is the Upper Divisional Finals winner. He will move on to the World Finals on Sept. 12 Photo by: Andrew Eccles/NBC

Performance #1: Judge Pick

Michael's mentor is show host, Jenna Dewan. She has chosen Ed Sheeran's "Dive" for Micheal's first performance.

Judges' Feedback:

"It is not by accident you are in the World Final," said Ne-Yo. "You are a perfect blend of softness and strength. You are completely solid."

"You have been such an incredible competitor because you are so consistent," said Derek.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 95.0
  • Jennifer: 97.0
  • Derek: 95.0
  • Overall Score: 95.7

Performance 2: Talent Pick

For his final performance, Michael Dameski chose "Survivor" by Destiny's Child.

Judges' Feedback:

"Every move in you is filled with energy and intent. There is greatness in you," said Ne-Yo.

"I just love watching you push yourself ... these last two performances shwoed me that you really want this ... I feel so priveleged to have watched your trajectory through this competition," said Jennifer.

"Everyone is going to know Michael Dameski after this ... you're a phenomial dancer. Thank you so much for blessing us with these performances," said Derek.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 98
  • Jennifer: 96
  • Derek: 95
  • Overall Score: 96.3

Michael Dameski Final Combined Score: 96.0

The Lab (Junior Team)

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The Lab makes a comeback on World of Dance season 2. They acheived nearly a perfect score during the Divisional Finals and are moving on to the World Final September 12. NBCUniversal

Performance #1: Judge Pick

Ne-Yo is the mentor for this group. He chose Missy Elliot's "Work It."

Judges Feedback:

'You all went beyond what I expected. That was a million dolla performance," said Ne-Yo.

"The way you create routines and utlize everyone's strengths … you guys are the whole package," said Derek.

"Those were some of the cleanest routines of the season," said Jennifer

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 97.0
  • Jennifer: 97.0
  • Derek: 97.0
  • Overall Score: 97.0

Performance 2: Talent Pick

For thier final performance, The Lab chose "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer.

Judges' Feedback:

"This is your generation. You guys are gonna change the world. That's what art does. That's what dance does," said Jennifer.

"You guys make me proud of your generation and hopeful for the future," said Derek. "You guys are warriors of light."

"You touched everyone in this room tonight. It's one thing to be entertaining. it is another thing to entertain and bring a message ... I am better for watching you," said Ne-Yo.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 100.0
  • Jennifer: 96.0
  • Derek: 98.0
  • Overall Score: 98.0

The Lab Combined Score: 97.5