Who You Gonna Call About the New 'Ghostbusters' Trailer?

The cast of the new "Ghostbusters," out July 15. YouTube/Sony Pictures

You used to call them on your home phone (because cellphones weren't around yet), but now the Ghostbusters are back. A new trailer released Thursday plays up the nostalgia of the beloved original, from the classic score and library ghosts to the iconic Ghostbusters logo scrawled all over New York City's mean streets. And, yes, a lot of people get slimed.

Director Paul Feig told audiences on Wednesday that while the movie plucks at nostalgia, it very much stands on its own. "I'd be bummed if I didn't see the Ecto-1 and all that stuff," Feig said. "So we wanted to make sure we give those nods—but make them our own and give them their own original origin story. When you see the movie, there will be a lot of things you're happy to see, but they're coming at you at a slightly different way."

Four women—Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones—lead the new Ghostbusters, which hits theaters July 15. Amazingly, this is still a big deal, though I'm pretty sure women existed in New York in 1984. Regardless, the trailer serves up a taste of the slapstick goodness we can expect from the movie's comedic genius leads. Watch it below: