'Who's The Boss' Reboot: All We Know About the Upcoming Spin-Off

Who's The Boss is the latest classic sitcom set to get a revival, with two cast members returning from the original ABC comedy. Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano, who wrote about the spin-off on her Instagram, are both set to return, but other cast members may be missing from the new show. Sony Pictures have released the first plot synopsis for the show, which will focus on Samantha's (played by Milano) life three decades later.

Who is in the cast of the Who's The Boss reboot?

So far, only Tony Danza, who played Tony on the show, and Samantha star Alyssa Milano are set to return to the as-yet-untitled Who's The Boss sequel.

Milano wrote on her Instagram: "I AM SO EXCITED! #WhosTheBoss is coming back!!! I've wanted to share this for so long and now I can!

"We feel the time is right to tell the story of where these amazing characters are today. Can't wait to share their stories with you. So happy."

Danza, meanwhile, wrote on his Twitter: "Excited to bring The Micelli family back to television!"

Excited to bring The Micelli family back to television! #WhosTheBoss pic.twitter.com/LWQYStybMa

— Tony Danza (@TonyDanza) August 4, 2020

Currently, Judith Light and Danny Pintauro, who played Angela and Jonathan are not signed up for the reboot. However, producers have said they are "supportive" of this new project, and want to find a way to include the actors.

Mona actress Katherine Helmond, meanwhile, died in February 2019.

What will happen in the reboot?

The first synopsis for the show says it will, "explore generational differences, as well as opposing world views and parenting styles within the dynamic of a modern family in 2020."

The follow-up to the 1984-92 sitcom will do this through the character of Samantha, who is now living in the original Who's The Boss house as a single mother.

Does the reboot have a release date?

So far, we do not where or when the show will be coming back to screens. According to Deadline, Sony is currently shopping the idea to streaming services and networks, who will also get the opportunity to license the original show's nearly 200 episodes.

Potential homes for the Who's The Boss reboot could include Netflix, who had great success with the reboot of another classic ABC sitcom, Full House. The show's original network could also choose to pick up this new version-after all, they previously commissioned a reboot of their sitcom Roseanne, which has since spun-off into The Conners, which was renewed for a third season earlier this year.