'The Beauty and the Baker': Why There Won't Be a Season 2 on Netflix

The Beauty and the Baker is currently riding high in the Netflix charts, a year after the show aired on ABC. The series, which focuses on a baker who embarks on a love affair with a famous supermodel, is currently the second most-watched TV show on Netflix in the U.S. Despite being a hit among streaming subscribers, the show is not currently set to get a Season 2. Here's why.

Why there won't be The Baker and The Beauty Season 2

Despite having only just arrived on Netflix, the show began life as a series on ABC, who have already canceled the show after one season.

While the show has clearly been a Netflix hit, the story did not have the same success with network TV viewers. According to TV Series Finale, ABC released 20 scripted dramas in the 2019-2020 TV season. It had the second-lowest viewing figures of any of them, with average viewers of 2.5 million per episode in a year where the most-watched show Grey's Anatomy got 6.2 million per episode.

The Baker and The Beauty is not the only show that has been a recent hit on Netflix despite already being canceled before it came to the streamer. In January, the USA Network show Dare Me came to Netflix, eight months after the show had been ended by its original home.

baker and the beauty netflix
'The Baker and The Beauty' was canceled by ABC in 2020. ABC

As deals for which shows come to Netflix are made with the networks before individual shows air, shows can sometimes become hits on the streamer despite being failures on their original networks.

Netflix has previously saved shows from cancelation by renewing them after their runs on other networks. Most famously, the streamer brought Lucifer back from the dead in 2019 after three seasons on Fox following a large fan campaign to save the show.

There was somewhat of a fan campaign to save Baker and the Beauty from cancelation. A change.org petition titled "Renew Baker and the Beauty. Let's ensure this show gets picked up by another network!" attracted nearly 160,000 signatures—about six per cent of the total viewership the show got on ABC.

Cast members also got behind the attempt to save the show. Lead actor and former Dynasty star Nathalie Kelley released a statement reading: "Now more than ever, the world is waking up to the importance of diversity and representation on our televisions. We want networks to commit wholeheartedly to ensuring that BIPOC, LATINX and LGBTQ+ people, and other marginalized groups, get a chance to tell our stories. The Baker and The Beauty was a show that embodied the themes of unity, empathy, and compassion, all of which are so needed in our national discourse right now."

With 10 months having passed since the show was canceled, it does not seem as if this fan campaign has been successful, though it remains to be seen whether it can generate the audience it needs for Netflix to give it another shot.