Why Do You Have Sex? Submit Your Responses Below.

Now that you've had time to read Jessica Bennett's fascinating piece on women's sexual motivations, we want to hear your stories. Do you think that sex is something that should be done only when you're in love—except for that one time you wanted to get back at your ex? Are you happy to use sex just as a tool for physical release, and not attach any emotion? Have you ever used sex to get a job, get over an ex, or get validation that you rocked that bridesmaid dress? Did it do the trick, or leave you feeling you'd let yourself down? Men, have you ever had sex for reasons more complicated than you'd like to admit? Do you feel the idea that you have sex only for pleasure has led to your physical and emotional needs being ignored?

Let's be honest: the idea that men and women are on totally different planets when it comes to love and sex seems less and less likely the more we learn (and the more we talk) about our sexual motivations. And with that new understanding comes less shame, more clarity, and a better experience—in and out of the bedroom—for all of us. So let's keep talking. Send your stories of why you've had sex—for pure or less-than-pure reasons—to newsweek@tumblr.com.

Or submit them on our Tumblr page. We'll print some of the best stories (anonymously, of course) on Friday.

Update 11:45 a.m.: If you tried to submit your story and found a broken link, it's fixed. Submit your stories here.

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