Why Readers Have Sex: I Never Look For It

After reading Jessica Bennett's article on the why women have sex, it's clear that for everyone, men and women, our motivations go way beyond the need for love or the biological drive to reproduce. So we asked our readers to share some of their stories about sexual motivation.

Over the weekend, we'll publish some of our favorites. Submit your stories to newsweek@tumblr.com or via our Tumblr page.

Submission #3: I Easily Separate Love From Sex

Religion is no longer our guideline - most Western countries are Secular States, where church plays a bigger role only amongst the poor. So, traditional concepts of faithfulness, procreation, therefore morality are changing rapidly ... I easily separate love from sex, having more than one partner at the same time. When in love or a relationship, I don't separate it, and naturally get to be more faithful. But I don't go for one night stand with someone i just met. I never "look for it" objectively. We must "click", desire, connect mind-wise; mostly meeting a partner through friends. That's how I have sex, sporadically "keeping" the ones with better connection, humor and performance… which, obviously, are not that numerous.

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